Cameco Jobs

Have you ever wondered about Cameco Jobs to land on? This article will provide you with a summary of how to make a career with Cameco Jobs.

Have you ever wondered about Cameco Jobs to land on? This article will provide you with a summary of how to make a career with Cameco Jobs.

Founded in 1988, Cameco Corporation, well-known as Cameco, is the world’s largest uranium company, that is publicly traded and is based in the world’s largest publicly traded uranium company, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

It recently grew from the world’s second-largest uranium company in 2015 (accounting for 18% of the world’s production), to the top largest uranium company.

Working at Cameco can provide the employees dynamic, rewarding career opportunities in the uranium mining, milling and fuel services industry.

Cameco’s business values guide all its business decisions and give its employees a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace at the top of its key measures of success.

Employer Name: Cameco
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 300
Salary$850.00 – $4500.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Cameco Jobs

Cameco JobsCameco Jobs

Why you should consider Cameco Jobs

Cameco is the world’s largest uranium company, based in Canada, having 2000 employees working with it. Lastly counted, Cameco is accounting for approximate 22% of the world’s population.

Facts To Know About Cameco Jobs

  • Cameco employees should be of a minimum age of 16 years of age.
  • Cameco provides employment/job opportunities for both current employees and new employees
  • Cameco has job opportunities for both types of candidates, experienced and freshers
  • Applicants wanting to make a career with Cameco should be updated with checking
  • Cameco Jobs, for the job vacancies in his/her field
  • Students finding jobs should remain updated with the Cameco vacancy details that came in their college/universities

Cameco Jobs Opportunities

Firstly The Customer Contacts The Company to Purchase Uranium

When the customer contacts Cameco, the supply team comes in contact with the customer. There is experience needed to work with the Cameco Supply team. The supply team of Cameco coordinates with the customer and sells them the quality of Uranium according to their requirements.

The Demand Team Works To Fulfill The Order Given By Clients

After the Supply team, sells the quantity of Uranium to the customers according to requirements, the demand team works to fulfil the same requirements. The supply and demand work with coordination, to inform and fulfill the Uranium requirements of the customers. The demand department has vacancies for both types of applications, experienced and inexperienced.

Handle Finance and Other Things

After the demand and supply team, the accounts team gets to work. The accounts team works by coordinating with clients, for bill payments, credit time limits given to customers and making various accounting entries required in the company.

Cameco Job Description and Salary Ranges

Employees at the Uranium business are often required to have high school degrees or should be graduates. Cameco Corporation is often in need of employees to fill the following positions:

Supply and Demand Chain Employees

  • Supply and Demand chain employees are known as the most important part of the company.
  • Supply and Demand employees work for sales is bread and butter of the company
  • The Supply and Demand employees working at Cameco are paid around $23-$25 per hour

Human Resources Management Employees

  • Human Resources Management is one of the most important departments of Cameco
  • With growing regularly and having high demand in employees, Human Resources Management does one of the most difficult jobs at Cameco
  • The Human Resources Management employees at Cameco are paid approximate of $60,484 per year

Finance and Accounting Employees

  • With being world’s largest Uranium producing company, Cameco has a lot of finances to handle
  • Cameco has different employees to handle finances, for different things and situations
  • The finance jobs at Cameco are paid approximate $109,583 per year.

Tips For Submitting An Application

Applicants must submit their applications either online through Canadian Job Bank or in-person for student co-op jobs. Employers want applicants to present themselves in professional attire when they come for an interview after submitting their applications. The candidates need to prepare questions about the position in advance of an on-the-spot interview to ensure to be prepared. Keep in mind to be kind and to express genuine enthusiasm in working with Cameco.

Status Of The Application

Candidates should follow up with management via phone, email, best through email, to ensure their concerns have been addressed. Candidates/applicants who do not contact the hiring manager are often overlooked. If you’re applying online, keep an eye on your profiles to see if you’ve received any updates on current hiring statuses. The application procedure may take anything from a couple of weeks to as long as a month in most cases.

Available Positions at Cameco Jobs

Chemical Operator UF6View & Apply
Welder View & Apply
InsulatorView & Apply
Wellfield/Maintenance TechnicianView & Apply
Services Operator TraineeView & Apply
Heavy Duty MechanicView & Apply
Int. Technician, GeologicalView & Apply
Industrial MechanicView & Apply
Transit WarehousepersonView & Apply
Mobile Equipment MechanicView & Apply
Security GuardView & Apply
Plumber/GasfitterView & Apply
Engineer, MineView & Apply
Mine ShaftView & Apply
Sr. WarehousepersonView & Apply

The Advantages Of Cameco Jobs

Cameco workers are eligible for various fixed and flexible benefits. The workers are eligible for fixed benefits such as Employee and dependent life insurance, Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, Disability benefits and paid vacation leave.

The workers are eligible for various flexible employees such as core health benefits, dental benefits, and flex credit benefits such as Health Spending Account and Personal Spending Account.
The Cameo workers are also eligible for competitive benefits, career development opportunities and retirement programs.

Roles That Are High In Demand

  • Administration jobs are paid an estimate of $61,889 to $67,370 per year
  • Communication jobs are paid an estimate of $108,436 to $116,591 per year
  • Construction jobs are paid $85,014 per year
  • Engineers are paid an estimate of $96k to $141k per year
  • Finance jobs are paid $109,583 per year
  • Geology jobs are paid an estimate of $63,929 to $69,643 per year
  • Health and Safety are paid an estimate of $63,125 to $69,196 paneer per year
  • HR jobs are paid approximate $60,484 per year
  • IT is given competitive pay depending on their roles
  • Management jobs are paid $84,000 per year
  • Marketing jobs are paid $12,021 to $15,754 per year
  • Operations Services jobs are paid an estimate of $46,601 to $51,045 per year
  • Quality jobs are paid an estimate of $77,508 to $83,780 per year
  • Radiation jobs are paid $1.20 per hour
  • Strategy and Development jobs are paid $85,014 per year
  • Supply Chain are paid competitive salaries depending on their roles
  • Trades are paid competitive salaries depending on their roles

What Is Next?

The Cameco Corporation is the world’s largest Uranium producing company and is in high demand so regularly check the web to gather more information to have a successful career at Cameco.




We thank all the applicants for showing their interest and trust in us, however, only the most eligible candidates will be selected and conducted for further procedure directly from employers, in between no charges/fees or original documents will be asked from any applicant. All the best!

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