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SIN number is supplied to you by Service Canada and is known as your Social Insurance Number. You must have a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada and to be eligible for government benefits and programs. It is also your SIN number renewal that is used to identify you when you file your income tax returns with the Canada Revenue Agency. A Social Security Number is required whether you are a citizen, a permanent resident, or a temporary resident (SIN number renewal).

SIN number renewal records must be kept current to verify that the expiry date on your SIN number renewal matches the expiry date on your document issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), permitting you to work in the country.

Important Point of SIN (Social Insurance Number):

Do you have the option of renewing an expired Social Security number?

To find out if your SIN number renewal may be extended after its expiration date has passed, you must go to a Service Canada office in person. This is a viable option if you want to stay in Canada and have the necessary documentation to confirm your status. Until the IRCC makes a judgment, you have ‘implied status,’ which means you may be able to work even though your SIN number renewal has expired.

Once the IRCC has permitted you to continue working in Canada, you must take your new immigration paperwork to Service Canada to update your SIN number renewal records with the new expiration date.

Social insurance number application

You must complete an application to obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN number renewal). Along with your application, you will need to gather some supporting documentation.

Who is eligible to obtain a Social Security number?

  • It is possible to obtain a Social Insurance Number if you are legally permitted to work in Canada (SIN number renewal).
  • The Social Security number (SIN number renewal) you get will have an expiration date if you are applying for refugee status or are a temporary resident of the United States. They all begin with the number nine.

How to find your Social Insurance Number online?

SIN number renewals were previously issued in the form of a plastic card by Service Canada, but they are now only issued in the form of a paper card. If you don’t have your card or confirmation letter, look through your records for them.

Documents from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) state that You will find your SIN number renewal on the first page of your tax returns, as well as on any other papers or communication from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Your SIN number renewal is used to identify you to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

How can you contact for Social Insurance Number Canada?

In the Pointe-Claire Service Canada Centre at 6500 Route Transcanadienne (ground floor), office 100, Pointe-Claire, Québec, phone: 1 800 622-6232.

You can Call 1-800-O-CANADA for more information on additional locations (1-800-622-6232)

What does social insurance number tell about you?

Your Social Insurance Number (SIN number renewal) is a personal identification number that is used for income tax reporting reasons in the United States. The SIN number renewal is also requested by some organizations for additional purposes. The SIN number renewal is critical in the security of personal information. It has the potential to provide others access to your personal information, putting you at risk of fraud and ID theft.

How to apply for social insurance number?

Applying for social insurance number canada online, you can take following ways:

Via Mail:

It is necessary to have the following items to apply for social insurance number via mail:

  • SIN number renewal application form that has been fully completed (if you are unable to print the application form, you can order the form by phone at 1-506-548-7961; long-distance charges apply)
    original papers that are necessary
  • Your completed application form, as well as any supporting documentation (originals only, please; photocopies will not be allowed), must be mailed to the Social Insurance Administration Registration Office.
  • If you send your application through registered mail, you will get your document(s) in the same manner. It is not the responsibility of Service Canada to replace papers that have been lost in the mail.
  • You are not prohibited from working in an insurable job once your application has been filed; nevertheless, you are not permitted to do so until you have received your Social Security number.

Online Method

The following papers must be uploaded for you to submit your application online:

You must have an accepted main document that establishes your identification and legal status in Canada, as well as an acceptable secondary document that confirms your identity and appropriate proof of address.
Providing supporting papers is required if the name specified on your primary or secondary document differs from the name you are presently using on your application.


Inquire as to whether or not the Service Canada Center in your area is open for business. An appointment can be requested using the online service request form.

  • Apply online or at your local Service Canada Centre to become a volunteer.
  • Completing it
  • Gather all of the necessary documentation.
  • Service Canada can help you with your application and supporting paperwork.

It is possible to receive your Social Insurance Number (SIN number renewal) on the same day that you submit your application if you complete all of the conditions. A plastic Social Insurance Number card is no longer available from Service Canada. When applying for your first SIN number renewal, there is no application cost to pay.

How to change name on social insurance number?

  • Collect all of the necessary documentation. You will need your evidence of identification, such as an original Canadian birth certificate or Canadian citizenship certificate, and the original legal documentation of your name change, such as a court order or a marriage certificate, to alter your SIN number renewal card’s name on the record.
  • Fill out an application for a Social Security number. To download an application, go to the Service Canada website, which is the official website of the Canadian government’s online service portal.
  • Fill out the SIN number renewal application form to its completion. The application type should be selected as “Legal Change of Name” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. For this, you’ll need your old and new names, your address, your Social Security number, your birthplace, and date, as well as the names of each of your parents. The application must be signed and dated. Include all of your original documentation with the submission.
  • Social Insurance Registration, PO Box 7000, Bathurst NB E2A 4T1, is the address to send the application and supporting documentation. In roughly three weeks, you will receive your new identification card as well as your original papers.

Update SIN Number

How to change the address on the Social insurance number?

  • Go to the government’s website and log in to My Service Canada Account (MSCA) for social insurance number address change. You can view or modify your postal address and telephone number by logging into your account and selecting “View/change my mailing address and telephone number” from the “Change” menu. To make changes to your information, select the “Change” button.
  • When it comes to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), you have many options for updating your address: online through the MyAccount service, by phone at 1 800 959-8281 (toll-free), by mail or fax, or by including your new address on the yearly tax return you file. Follow the links below to learn more about all of the additional Canadian authorities that you may be required to inform of your move to Canada.

What to do if you lost or stolen sin card?

If you have misplaced your Social Insurance Number card or confirmation letter, Service Canada will not replace your Social Insurance Number; rather, they will reissue a confirmation letter to you. One of the only circumstances in which they will issue you a new SIN number renewal is if you can demonstrate that your SIN number renewal has been stolen or is being used in identity fraud.

Following are the steps necessary to replace a misplaced Social Security number (SIN number renewal) or confirmation letter:

  • Pay a visit to your local Service Canada Centre for further information.
  • Be sure to bring the proper identification with you.
  • During the same visit, you will receive a free SIN number renewal confirmation letter in the mail. If you have misplaced your SIN number renewal card, the government no longer offers replacements.

If your Social Insurance Number (SIN number renewal) has been taken or you think that you are a victim of identity theft, Service Canada suggests that you take the following steps:

  • Notify the authorities of this.
  • If you see any unexpected activity in your bank account or credit cards, you should investigate further.
  • Be on the lookout for any changes or interruptions in your mail.
  • Examine your credit report to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.
  • Keeping your SIN number renewal card or confirmation of the SIN number renewal letter safe is essential, as is reporting a lost card or letter immediately. The information on your card or letter might be used by someone to perpetrate fraud against you or someone else if it is discovered by someone else.

What to do if unfortunately there are no Service Canada Centers in my immediate vicinity?

Please contact 1-800-206-7218 and ask for authorization to mail your identification papers if you are unable to visit a Service Canada Centre in person or if you reside more than 100 kilometers distant from one.
The following are the requirements if you want to go with this option:

  • Alternatively, you can mail your original papers to the Service Canada Center that is closest to your residence.
  • Registered mail is the best way to ensure that your identity documents do not go missing.
  • Obtaining a Social Security Number (SIN number renewal) is simple.

SIN number renewal

1. What is SIN number renewal?

  • The Social Insurance Number (SIN number renewal) is a nine-digit number required to work in Canada or receive government benefits.
  • A SIN number renewal is exclusively given to one individual and cannot be used by anybody else. Your SIN number renewal is your responsibility. Keep your SIN number renewal and personal information safe—don’t carry it around with you.
  • SIN number renewals are now being issued by Service Canada on paper (confirmation of SIN number renewal letter). Plastic SIN number renewal cards are no longer being produced, however, those already in circulation can still be used.

2. How to get the SIN number renewal number?

If you don’t have one, you can apply for one. If your SIN number renewal starts with a 9, it’s not permanent. Temporary employees who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents receive these SIN number renewals.

3. what is the SIN number renewal number?

This number is required to work and receive government benefits in Canada, such as a pension or unemployment compensation. Because your SIN number renewal card reflects your legal name, you must apply to have your name altered on the card if you have changed your name. Making a mistake when changing the name on your SIN number renewal card might cause complications when you need to utilize your SIN number renewal number in a certain situation.

4. How do I know if someone is using my SIN number renewal number?

If you suspect someone is using your SIN number renewal, contact the police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre immediately. If your SIN number renewal is misused, they can assist you to mitigate the harm.

Start controlling the damage. So that only you can access crucial information, change any passwords. To detect fraud, review your credit reports and place a fraud alert. Examine your bank and mail transactions for any unusual behavior.

Get a new SIN number renewal from Service Canada. Bring your old SIN number renewal card and a birth certificate, Canadian citizenship certificate, or Indian status certificate. These will be used to verify your ID.

5. Where can I find my SIN number renewal number?

If you can’t remember your SIN number renewal, you may look it up on your income tax return or you can seek confirmation of your SIN number renewal from Service Canada, which will send it to you.

6. How to get a SIN number renewal number?

An application form must be completed and submitted to your local Service Canada Centre, together with the original proof of identification document, to obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN number renewal).

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