Canadian Job Bank posts vacancies for several jobs, internships, and apprenticeships through our website. All the job information is provided by employers or the person offering them.

Because of the large volumes of jobs and internships postings received from the employers, the website will not be able to conduct comprehensive research on the integrity and validity of every organization or a person who posts a position and guarantee that all the jobs, internships and apprenticeships are still available.

Canadian Job Bank claims no guarantee for any position listed on the website and is not responsible for wages, safety, working conditions, or any other aspect of the employment, internship or apprenticeship.

It is solely the responsibility of the job seeker to do proper research on the integrity of the company or organization they are applying for and making sure to verify all the information related to the job posting enlisted on the website.

Canadian Job Bank employment resources are provided free of cost to employers and job seekers. The website does not conduct complete background checks on either the employers or the job seekers.

Our website has taken responsibility for only sharing the employer details with the job seekers. The hiring process is handled directly between the employers and the job seekers. Canadian Job Bank disowns responsibility for any outcome during the hiring process

In particular website sections, the job seekers may need to be registered by creating an account with us. You will have to register using your email and phone number.

Account creation on the Canadian Job Bank will be done free of charge. You will not be charged for creating an account on our website.

Well, Canadian Job Bank disclaims all the liabilities if your email or phone number is used improperly by a third party.

The job seekers and the employers are recommended that they share more reference information regarding the educational background, work experiences to make sure the the candidate is the correct match for the job position they have applied for.

For safety purposes, the job seeker is not recommended to share any social security information such as driving license number, or any other identification number, or bank account information and not to make any payments on our website while applying for a job.

Suppose the job seeker is requested information about any identification proofs or asked to make any payments. In that case, our website disclaims the responsibility for the same as we don’t accept payments during the hiring process. The job seekers are requested to be very careful in conducting an in-depth research on the jobs and the employers they are applying for.

Our website doesn’t post jobs that discriminate against applicants of any race, creed, caste, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender. Any concerns or issues related to the job postings or the internship/apprenticeship opportunity
programs should be addressed to contact@canadianjobbank.org via email.

Why is it so important to research each job opportunity before applying?

  • To find out if the job offer is valid and the employer is legal.
  • To help you check whether the job you are applying for is a correct suit for you.
  • It helps you with more data to write targeted resumes and cover letters to suit the job and the employer you are applying for.
  • It enables you to answer specific questions in your interview, which goes like “Why do you want to work in this company?”

It is necessary to research the job and company thoroughly.

  • Look for the company website link and visit their website.
  • Also, please check for the professionalism of the employer website.
  • Check if there is any specific contact information to contact the employers.
  • Check if the job posting is also enlisted on the company website.
  • It usually indicates a red flag if there is a lack of information about the job on their website.

So, it is recommended to keep these things in mind while looking for a job on our website.

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