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Canadian Job Bank is the country’s national employment service, which is accessible through the internet and a mobile application. In addition to assisting Canadians in finding employment and preparing for their future professions, we make it easy for companies to recruit and hire throughout the nation.

Canadian Job Bank is a service that allows you to post and search for jobs on the internet. The Employment and Social Development Department of Canada Employment Insurance Commission, in conjunction with provincial and territory governments, offers Job Bank Canada on behalf of the federal government on a global scale.


What we do

Canadian Job Bank remains Canada’s most comprehensive source of employment and labor market data today.

We believe that making informed professional decisions results in improved performance in the workplace. That is why we work hard to provide Canadians with high-quality information that will help them be more competitive in the job market. We monitor the labor market across Canada, gathering and analyzing the most recent data on trends and opportunities in the workplace. What is the conclusion? Sharing such information logically will ensure that all Canadians benefit to the fullest extent possible.

Find a job

Browse through commercial and public sector jobs to locate one you like, or let it come to you via Canadian Job Bank. Cut down on your search time by signing up for email alerts or job matching. Build a professional résumé before applying.

Choose a career

Explore areas of study with Canadian Job Bank and find how well graduates of certain institutions are performing on the job market. Take tests to learn about your personality and identify occupations that match you. Learn about other work choices.

Explore the market

Explore job prospects with Canadian Job Bank for a given profession or area in Canada. Compare incomes between occupations and different places in the country. Browse news and articles about the job market to track the newest employment trends.

Fill a position

Advertise your job for free to thousands of job seekers in Canada. Receive a list of prospective persons matching your job parameters. Check out their profiles and urge them to apply.

Our large network

We currently have a large network and, in light of this, we have expanded our network to include the vast majority of companies in need of workers. As a result of these jobs research and the common goals of recruiters, job seekers will have an easier time finding employment.

It is essential to support the territory and province

In this effort to share information about employment and link recruiters and job seekers, provincial and territorial governments have supported us. They help us by offering personal and personal help.

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