Canada Revenue Agency Jobs

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been selected as one of the Top 100 Employers in Canada. So in case if you are wondering to get Canada Revenue Agency Jobs then there is a diverse range of branches where you can imagine a career with Canada Revenue Agency.

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Employer Name: Canada Revenue Agency
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 400
Salary$2500.00 – $5700.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Canada Revenue Agency Jobs

canada revenue agency jobscanada revenue agency jobs

Why should consider Canada Revenue Agency Jobs?

  • At theCanada Revenue Agency, their diverse and inclusive workplace promotes innovation and strives to be a world-class tax and benefits administration. High staff morale and engagement are the heart of the agency. To make sure that workers are heard, they listen to what they have to say, understand what’s important to them, and convert those insights into initiatives that make the Canada Revenue Agency Jobs a welcome and pleasant place to work.
  • They work together to promote healthy workplaces by making efforts to ensure that employees feel appreciated. Initiatives such as the Positive Space Initiative encourage workers to be their full selves at work and promote a safer, more tolerant, and open-minded work environment for everyone.
  • With over 40,000 workers throughout Canada, working at the Canada Revenue Agency Jobs is like being a part of a community. The workers are linked from coast to coast to coast, no matter the distance, with the numerous remote working alternatives provided. Offices throughout the nation arrange a variety of team-building events to foster cooperation and coordinate charity initiatives to inspire workers to give back to their communities.
  • The Canada Revenue Agency Jobs provide retirement planning help and phased-in employment alternatives for workers approaching retirement, and former employees have access to health and benefit programs.
  • They provide a range of apprenticeship and developmental programs for students and fresh graduates: all intended to give hands-on work and educational experiences via term assignments.

Pay rates at Canada Revenue Agency Jobs

  • In each occupational category and level, there is a distinct range of salaries. Your starting yearly salary is set at the time of hire.
  • You may be eligible for a salary raise or promotion based on your performance. If you reach the top of the pay scale, your salary will not arise unless and until the collective agreement is revised, or unless and until you are promoted to a different group and level.
  • Depending on your position with the CRA jobs, you may be eligible to earn a multilingual bonus. These are one-time bonuses awarded to employees working in authorized bilingual jobs and who satisfy the language criteria for the employment.
  • Students may get employment with the CRA.

Who is eligible to apply?

Student employees under the  (CRA) must be registered full-time at a recognized academic institution or enrolled on a part-time basis at an academic institution owing to a handicap, to be eligible to work under the program. In addition, you must be at least the legal working age in the province where you want to work.

What are the benefits of working at Canada Revenue Agency Jobs?

  • Increase the depth of your academic curriculum.
  • Improve your employability skills by participating in internships.
  • Investigate your areas of interest
  • Learn more about a career as a federal public servant by watching this video.
  • Find out what your future career will be.

Latest Vacancy in Canada Revenue Agency Jobs

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Looking for accountants, tax specialists : various positions as Income Tax Auditor, Tax Avoidance Auditor, International Tax Auditor (AU02) (Amended)View & Apply
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AU-03 Tax Auditor - Compliance Programs, New Brunswick Tax Services Office (Amended)View & Apply
2022 Indigenous Student Employment Program (ISEP) - AtlanticView & Apply
AU-03 Tax Auditor/AU-03 Excise Tax Auditor – Compliance Programs, NL Tax Services Office (Amended)View & Apply
2022 Indigenous Student Employment Program (ISEP) - AtlanticView & Apply
AU-03 Tax Auditor/AU-03 Excise Tax Auditor – Compliance Programs, NL Tax Services Office (Amended)View & Apply
Are you interested in a student job that can lead to a career in auditing in Rimouski? Apply here!View & Apply

How to Submit an Application

A user ID and password for the Canada Revenue Agency jobs portal, as well as a candidate profile, are required in order to apply from above mentioned the latest employment openings at the CRA jobs. through Canadian Job Bank. CRA positions may be found and applied for from any location with an Internet connection as soon as your user ID and password are established, as well as your candidate profile, which you can view immediately.

Jobs that are highlighted

1. Ontario’s post-secondary graduates are included in the Graduate Inventory.

Recent graduates and post-secondary students who will graduate by June 2022 are eligible to participate in this inventory. CRA Jobs have openings in a variety of program areas!

2. Apprenticeship in Information Technology (IT) Program

Computer science, information technology, information management, and other related fields are among those for which we are seeking recent post-secondary graduates.

3. IT analyst/developer (IT analyst/developer)

Are you interested in working for a company that offers infrastructure and security for the Canadian tax and benefit-delivery systems? Come work with the Canada Revenue Agency!

Frequently asked questions

What does the CRA pay its employees?

Salaries at the Canada Revenue Agency

  • Salaries for Taxpayer Services Agents – $58,000 per year reported by 41 employees
  • Salary for Taxpayer Services Agents – 37 salaries recorded at $55,789 per year
  • Auditor salaries – a total of 37 salaries disclosed totaling $67,867/year
  • Salaries for Tax Auditors – $67,038 per year reported by 23 employees

Is a career in CRA jobs a wise choice?

It is true that this is a highly profitable career that offers a six-figure income after you have a certain amount of experience under your belt; nevertheless, it is not primarily about the money. Many well-paid yet depressed attorneys, doctors, and investment bankers may be found in the workplace.

How can I become a member of the CRA?

  • 1st step – Provide your personal details
  • Please enter your social security number.
  • To get started, enter your date of birth.
  • Enter your current postal code or ZIP code in the box provided.
  • You may use an amount that you already recorded on one of your income tax and benefit returns.
  • Create a user ID and password for the CRA.
  • Make a list of security questions and answers to have on hand.

How can I obtain a position at the CRA if I don’t have any previous experience?

If you don’t have any previous expertise in monitoring, you may improve your chances of landing an entry-level CRA job by enrolling in certain courses, according to CRA Career & Jobs. As long as you have spent a number of weeks or, ideally months, studying GCP, you will satisfy the fundamental criteria to begin training as a clinical research associate.

How long does the recruiting process take at the CRA?

The CRA jobs take place in the vicinity of three months


We hope that you are all clear with the Canada Revenue Agency Jobs (CRA). Do let us know if we have missed anything. Do remember to properly do the research and find your interest before landing into CRA Jobs.

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