It is a process that uses high heat and pressure to join two or more pieces of metal. A career in welding provides us with several opportunities in a number of fields. We will explore the many types of welding jobs accessible in this article, as well as their typical tasks and average salaries.

What credentials are required to work for welding jobs?

Education requirements for welding jobs vary considerably by industry. Some employers need just a high school diploma, while others require you to pass an employer-based test. For many businesses, employment requires an undergraduate college degree, as well as further training and certification. The majority of employers require that you have a welding certificate, which you may get after successfully completing the Certified welding jobs training program. Welding candidates are put through their paces in this program using methods that are often used in the sheet metal, structural steel, petroleum pipeline, and chemical refinery manufacturing industries.

Responsibilities on the Job

Workers in the welding jobs build and assemble metal structures and equipment with the use of welders, cutters, shapers, and measurement instruments. Welders fabricate metal goods in accordance with the demands of customers or employers. They use a variety of welding machines to repair and maintain metal equipment and buildings of varying sizes and shapes. Welders analyze and understand schematics, drawings, and blueprints in order to identify the procedures, materials, and timeframes for projects they are working on. Welding jobs are responsible for the setup, operation, and maintenance of welding equipment. They are aware of and adhere to personal and workplace safety procedures, which they demonstrate by using specialized goggles, helmets, and gloves. It is necessary to have effective communication skills in order to collaborate with colleagues and interact with consumers and clients.

The following are the most common welding occupations:

1. Welding Positions that need travel

Where welding jobs may be performed is not limited by geography or the environment in which it is performed. Marine welders are required for underwater pipeline construction; military transport and weaponry are required in desert and rugged terrain. Welders who can go to and from space are required by cable and satellite businesses. Welders are also employed by cruise ships, racing teams, and industrial manufacturing facilities, which may be situated anywhere in the globe. Workers who have received specialized training and are willing to travel may make a substantial income while traveling across the globe.

2. Underwater welding

Welding jobs underwater is a specialist industry that needs further training in diving techniques. Underwater welders are often called upon to conduct tasks like fitting and rigging, non-destructive testing and inspection, underwater photography, and underwater cutting with heavy machinery. Consequently, most underwater welders must have an AWS D3.6 welding competence and pass a physical examination. Throughout North America, there is a significant need for underwater welders in the oil and gas pipeline sector as well as the navy and shipbuilding industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, commercial divers and underwater welders earn a mean (average) hourly income of $26.32 and a mean annual wage of around $54,75 each year.

3. Military welding assistance

Welding jobs are required for the upkeep, construction, and repair of metal weapons, infrastructure, and vehicles that are utilized to assist soldiers on the battlefield. Military support welders may be found at local military sites or can be found traveling abroad to perilous locations on a regular basis. Because of the danger and risk associated with the profession, military support welders might earn upwards of $160,000 per year or more.
Wrapping up
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