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Did you ever think about what it would be like to work with the AHS Jobs? The different AHS Jobs and what they look like must have crossed your mind by now. What will be the payoff and rewards, and how can you maintain healthy well-being while working with the Alberta Health Service? Here is the ideal location for those interested in learning more about AHS Jobs.

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Employer Name: Alberta Health Services
Position: Various
No. of vacancies: 3,256
Salary$2,800.00 – $5,200.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time, Part-Time
Location: Canada

AHS Jobs

What is Alberta Health Services?

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is a Canadian healthcare organization that offers healthcare services and promotes wellness throughout Alberta, where the organization’s headquarters are situated.

Since its inception in 2008, AHS has served the province’s 4.4 million citizens and some residents from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories. Canada’s first and largest fully integrated health system is often regarded as the world’s first and most comprehensive health system.

Before this, Alberta Health Services offered a diverse range of flexible work arrangements to its employees, including occasional and part-time work, temporary work, and roles that could perform entirely remotely. A total of 102,700 individuals are employed by Alberta Health Services, which includes more than 11,7000 employees that work for subsidiaries such as Alberta Precision Laboratories, CapitalCare Group, and Carewest, among other organizations. An essential component of AHS’s corporate culture is creating a work environment where its team members feel healthy, protected, appreciated, and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Why one can consider AHS Jobs?

Before applying for AHS jobs, one must know about Alberta Health Service accommodations, career opportunity and procedures, let’s have a look:

What opportunities are available for AHS Jobs?

AHS Jobs to apply for:

Administrative Support

Administrators and specialists with sophisticated administrative or specialized skills are required to support complicated procedures, practices, and initiatives inside a department or program as part of their role as Administrative Support.

IT Analyst

Performing the duties of an IT Analyst, you will provide technical assistance for system(s), subsystem, or technologies within a specialized team or service area in compliance with applicable OHS standards and practices.

Clinical Quality Consultant

As a member of the Integrated Quality Management (IQM) portfolio, the Clinical Quality Consultant supports the Edmonton Zone. A variety of healthcare environments and workers and management at various levels within the business will be encountered while performing this job. As part of the IQM team, this job will provide ongoing leadership in establishing and integrating an organizational culture of continual quality improvement. To prepare, execute, and sustain Connect Care throughout the zone, the Quality Consultant will play a vital role in a clinical team across the continuum of care or the patient flow team. This will depend on the area of focus.

Health Care Aide

A Health Care Aide (HCA) is responsible for providing personal assistance to patients (clients, residents) who require short-term or ongoing support, as well as assisting with activities of daily living. You will collaborate closely with patients, families, and caregivers across the continuum of care, whether in the patient’s home, community, or healthcare facility environment. You need to play a critical role in ensuring that patients and families receive safe, high-quality treatment consistent with AHS’s shared vision and core values.

Psychiatric Aide

The tasks you will be performing as a Psychiatric Aide will include working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to satisfy patients’ personal care needs and comforts in line with the patient care plan and facility policies and procedures, among other things. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Aiding with the delivery of routine nursing care to fulfil patients’ cleanliness, nutrition, mobility, recreation, and safety needs.
  • Assisting with scheduled activities or programs.
  • Watching and reporting on a patient’s mood, health, and well-being.
  • Patients, staff, and visitors will benefit from your assistance in keeping a safe environment. You will also assist in maintaining efficient communication with patients and healthcare providers.

Rehabilitation Care Worker

Rehabilitation Care Workers are responsible for providing direct care to residents in the activities of daily living, community inclusion, and individual skill for the development of patients in rehabilitation facilities (clients, residents). You will work as a member of an interprofessional team to ensure the health, safety, and quality of individuals’ life with developmental disabilities in a residential health care setting. You will employ a collaborative approach to ensure these adults’ health, safety, and quality of life. It is your responsibility to play an essential part in providing safe, high-quality patient and family-centred care while upholding the organization’s shared values.

Client Care Assistant

The Client Care Assistant will collaborate with other team members to assist in the delivery of supportive care to clients suffering from addictions. Providing supportive care to clients, keeping a safe and secure environment, responding to client needs, communicating effectively with other team members, and contributing to a therapeutic setting through interaction with clients are some of your primary responsibilities.

Your contributions will be made as a member of an interprofessional team in delivering residential services to people suffering from addictions to encourage client respect, autonomy, health, and an enhanced quality of life. They provide clients with the assistance they need to participate in activities of daily living, recreation, social activities, and educational and employment opportunities. As part of your responsibilities, you will collaborate with other health and service providers to ensure that the environment is safe and supportive.

Laboratory Assistant

A Laboratory Assistant is responsible for several laboratory duties, including the receipt and sorting of specimens, the cleaning and sanitization of laboratory equipment, and the performance of actual lab tests. Aside from that, you’ll be responsible for basic clerical tasks and patient inquiries.

Public Health Inspector

As a Public Health Inspector and appointed Executive Officer under the authority of the Public Health Act, you will be responsible for delivering a complete environmental public health program within a geographical area that has been designated. Performing work duties with the aim of prevention, correction, or limitation of the effects of environmental health risks, whether physical, chemical, or biological in origin, that may hurt the health of individuals or communities will be your primary focus.

As a Public Health Officer, you will promote individual and community wellness by conducting inspections, disease surveillance, consultations, and enforcing the Public Health Act and regulations pertaining to food safety, drinking water safety, recreational water safety, the built environment, and healthy environments.

Recommendations for fellows considering careers in Alberta’s healthcare system

Please keep this tip in mind if you are seeking AHS Jobs.

  • Prepare your application as thoroughly as possible and submit it as frequently as possible.
  • Examine modules that interest you with educators and managers, mainly if they are specialists in a particular field.
  • Take into consideration the possibility of being unable to obtain full-time employment right away.
  • You’ll likely have to start in a less formal setting before moving up to a permanent post. However, even though it is most likely too late for you at this point, any students who are reading this should consider applying for an undergraduate nursing post if the opportunity presents itself. These positions qualify you as an internal nursing candidate, which may give you a competitive advantage over other job candidates in certain situations.
  • Submit your resume for various nursing positions that interest you, including jobs in units that you may have assumed would not hire recent nursing graduation.
  • Several specialized professions provide educational programs, and many employers would be happy to recruit a new graduate eager to learn their trade.
  • We urge you to exercise caution when applying for jobs that you are likely to despise and that will ultimately result in your termination. Going through all of that training for nothing is a waste of resources, both for the recruiting unit and for you as an individual.
  • Make sure your references are in line throughout your senior year of high school.
  • As soon as you’ve established a working relationship with your lecturers, instructors, and preceptors, ask them a question. They may also lead to future employment opportunities; networking can be pretty beneficial.
  • Attend resume/interview workshops and career fairs hosted by your school, and build relationships with local businesses and organizations.

Latest Available Positions of AHS Jobs:

Physiotherapist INorth ZoneView & Apply
Occupational Therapist INorth ZoneView & Apply
Speech Pathologist INorth ZoneView & Apply
Mental Health Therapist ProvincialCentral ZoneView & Apply
Recreation Therapist IINorth ZoneView & Apply
Assistant Head Nurse - Clinical CoordinatorNorth ZoneView & Apply
Physiotherapist IINorth ZoneView & Apply
Licensed Practical Nurse - HomecareNorth ZoneView & Apply
Registered Nurse - Home CareNorth ZoneView & Apply
Licensed Practical Nurse - Home CareNorth ZoneView & Apply
ManagerCalgary ZoneView & Apply
Licensed Practical Nurse - Home CareNorth ZoneView & Apply
Occupational Therapist ISouth ZoneView & Apply
Speech Pathologist IISouth ZoneView & Apply
Program Manager, EMS Wellness SupportCalgary ZoneView & Apply
Registered NurseNorth ZoneView & Apply
Senior Interaction DesignerCalgary ZoneView & Apply
Health Care AideCentral ZoneView & Apply
Occupational Therapist IINorth ZoneView & Apply
Therapy AssistantCentral ZoneView & Apply
Occupational Therapist ISouth ZoneView & Apply
Spiritual Health PractitionerCentral ZoneView & Apply
Registered NurseNorth Zone
Occupational Therapist IINorth ZoneView & Apply
Health Care AideCentral ZoneView & Apply

How to apply:

If any of these positions is fit for you and the basic requirements are fulfilled then you can apply now directly by clicking “View & Apply” on the above-mentioned details.

Check the latest available opening in Canada

How is an employee recruited at AHS Jobs?

Recruiting at AHS Jobs is a multi-step procedure.

Creating an online profile is an excellent way to start. To begin a career with AHS, the first and most crucial step is registering on our online job board and creating a profile for yourself.

  • Positions were discovered, and applications were submitted for consideration.
  • Preparation of a list of possible interview candidates.
  • You have an interview scheduled.
  • Your references are being checked.
  • Employer’s letter of employment offer
  • Procedures for Getting Started

Exactly why should you consider working in Alberta’s healthcare system?

Healthy living is promoted, and health care is provided to about 3.9 million Albertans each year by a team of health professionals, support workers, volunteers, and doctors who are skilled and committed.

In the future

There are several chances to grow, advance, and modify your career path within AHS Jobs, including working in various healthcare environments. Health service occupations in Alberta aim to strengthen the bonds between patients, their families, and various healthcare workers to provide more patient- and family-centred care.

Hire yourself into the position of your dreams!

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