Top Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreigner

When foreigners seek jobs in Canada, they usually try to find jobs either through job portals directly or through recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners. It is most often advised to apply through the recruitment agencies as they have a lot of information regarding the internal job market of the country when compared to the job portals in Canada.

But before applying through any of the recruitment agencies we need to first, find out which is the best recruitment agency out of many recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners. And there are many factors that determine whether a particular recruitment agency is suitable for us, safe, reliable or not.

Employer Name: Canadian Job Bank
Position: Various
No. of vacancies: 30,000
Salary$3000.00 – $5000.00 per month
Employment Type: Full-time, Part-Time
Location: Canada

Government of Canada Jobs recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners

Top 5 main factors you should keep in mind before choosing Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreigners

Let us study a few of the factors which help us learn how to find one of the right recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners. A good recruiting agency with a good recruiting consultant plays a vital role in helping a foreigner find the right job of his choice with much ease.

1. Do thorough research on the agency you want to get hired through

As a foreign job seeker, you will need to do a lot of research on the recruitment agencies you choose online. You will need to go through the agency website thoroughly. Check for any articles published by the agency. Go through all the data provided by them on their website. If there are articles which are providing additional information about the agencies, make sure to read them as well.

2. Ensure that your recruiting consultant has enough experience in your field of jobs

The Recruiting Consultant you get in touch with should be experienced enough to help you with the job openings matching your profile. If the recruiting consultant doesn’t have a track record of helping job seekers in the area of your industry and expertise, the quality of the hiring process thereafter might not reach the mark. So you need to pay attention here!

3. Ensure if the Recruiting agency is correctly representing its recruiters and job seekers

When foreigners apply for a job in Canada, the only thing they desire is to get hired by one of the best companies and into one of the best suitable profiles in their industry and area of expertise. As the recruiting agency proceeds with the hiring process, it is very important that the agency has shared all your educational information, job details and experiences with the recruiter. And it is also important that the recruiter shares all the information about the company you are being interviewed for and hired for.

4. Make sure the recruiter spends enough time learning about your skills

When the recruiter interviews, he is supposed to make note of all your skills as he is responsible for connecting you with the right employers with the right profiles that match your skills, education and expertise. If there is slow
progress in your hiring process, the recruiter will need to help you with valuable feedback, develop your skills, update your resume and prepare well for your job interviews.

5. A recruiter will have to take an interest in giving you suggestions even after a job offer is made

As the recruiter takes you through the application process, updating your resumes, developing your skills, scheduling interviews for you with a suitable Canadian employer, once you get hired and offered a job letter, he also needs to educate you about the roles in your new company. He also needs to help you in negotiating salary, benefits etc in your new company.

In other words, the Recruiting Consultant is supposed to stand by you through your hiring process.

Requirement to apply jobs in Canada

Before apply to jobs in Canada, make sure you are eligible to apply. Check the most necessary requirements:

  • At least 18 years age ( some companies also hire 16+ candidates)
  • Minimum Qualification high school although many positions don’t required qualifications.
  • No experience required although many companies need minimum experienced Candidates.

Let us now discuss some of the top recruiting agencies in Canada for foreigners.

List of top 20 recruitment agencies in Canada for Foreigners

Global Hire Immigration and Placement Services
MAIN: 1-855-624-7231
CALGARY: 1-855-995-9923
Canada Staffing Consultants LtdEmail:
Contact No: 905.604.5545
Goldbeck Recruiting IncEmail:
Contact No: 1.604.684.1428
Contact No (Toll-Free): 1.877.684.1428
Renard International Hospitality Search ConsultantsEmail:
Contact No: +1 (416) 364 8325
Fax No: +1 (416) 364 4924
Hays Recruitment Agency, CalgaryEmail:
Work Global Canada Inc.Contact No: 1.709.700.1983
Contact No(Toll free) : 1.888.224.5103
Fax : 1.709.800.8956
WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.Email :
Contact(Toll free) : 1.866.216.8866
QForce, Canada Employment & Job Placement AgencyEmail:
Contact : (905)404-9922, (905)432-8961
Island RecruitingEmail :
Contact : (804)367-3797, (902)367-3797
Fax : (902)367-3798
Angus One Professional Recruitment Ltd.Email:
Contact : 604 682 8367
Fax : 604 682 4664
TEKsystemsContact : 905 283 1300, 800 254 0778, 905 283 1390
Planet4iT Recruitment AgencyEmail:
Contact: +1 (416) 363 9888
Hays Recruitment Agency VancouverEmail:
Contact : (604) 648 4297
Petro Staff InternationalEmail:
Contact : (403) 266 8988
Fax :(403) 262 1310
Fuze HR Solutions, BramptonEmail:
Liberty Staffing Services IncContact: 519-742-2011
Hunt Personnel Employment AgencyEmail:
Contact: (604) 688-2555
Fax: (604) 688-1536
Durham RecruitingEmail:
Contact: 905 579 2950
Randstad CanadaPhone: 1.800.540.3594

Now let us see how each of the agencies help foreigners in finding a suitable job in Canada so that foreigners who are interested in getting a better quality of life for themselves and their families, are well benefitted.

Global Hire Immigration and Placement Services

The agency is well known for its experienced Immigrations team, which has helped millions of foreigners with migration visas and work permits such as:

  • LMIA
  • Canada Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)
  • Work permit
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Permanent Residence
  • Visa Applications
  • Super Visa

Many Temporary Foreign workers have benefitted from Global Hire services with the following:

  • In applying for a work permit
  • In finding an employer with LMIA that suits the job seeker’s education, skills and area of expertise.
  • In encouraging the foreign job seekers through the interview process to perform well and to qualify for a job offer.
  • Last but not the least, in applying for and obtaining the permanent address.

Here are some of the toll-free numbers to get in touch with Group Hire Immigrations and Placement services:

MAIN: 1-855-624-7231
CALGARY: 1-855-995-9923

Canada Staffing Consultants Ltd.

CSC is also a well known recruiting agency that is known for helping Canadian employers find highly skilled professionals for its vacant positions. They have a detailed assessment process to know whether the prospective job candidate is best suitable for their Canadian employers in terms of aptitude, intelligence and also personality.
The agency is also known for grooming its candidates prior to the job interviews such as:

  • In writing good resumes, they mentor you with resume writing tips. They also help you with successful resume samples, cover letter samples and cover letter tips to make your resume effective enough for a high profile job in your area of expertise.
  • They help you with job counselling, career counselling also your occupation-specific training, to prepare you
    well for your interviews.
  • They encourage you in professional networking, to help you gather more information regarding the job and the industry you are applying for so that you will have a better insight on the whole about your job roles and your company.
  • They motivate and encourage you to give your best performance in your interviews by providing several tips for the interviews.

If you would like to contact them for more information on recruitment you could do so either with their following email id or their contact number:

Contact No: 905.604.5545

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc

This is one of the very old recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners. They are known for providing support to their Canadian employers in hiring highly skilled and qualified professionals for quite a long time now. They also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

They have been helping Canadian employers in finding the right employees to fill their vacant positions by conducting a thorough check on their educational background, their skills, their expertise and any other
background check if required, thereby saving the business time for the Canadian employers.

They even offer a replacement to the Canadian Employers if the new joint quits within 6 months of joining. That is known to be the longest duration compensation offered by any agency.

If your skills or expertise fall under any of the following categories, don’t wait and do not think. Start applying now! The main areas of their recruiting include:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Healthcare & Biotech
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering & Skilled Trades
  • Industrial & Construction
  • Production & Operators
  • Information Technology and Executive Research

You could contact them with the contact information provided below if you are looking for a job in one of the above areas:

Contact No: 1-604-684-1428
Contact No (Toll-Free): 1-877-684-1428

Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants:

This is one of the recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners who help the foreign job seekers with placements in the Hospitality Sector and also in the regulated cannabis industry. Renard International helps job seekers throughout the hiring process by providing them with the necessary coaching, training, advice and feedback at
the right times so that job seekers are knowledgeable enough to get through each stage of their recruitment successfully. They also try to learn about the candidate’s compensation expectations so that they can have a
role in the negotiation of salary and other benefits offered to the candidate by the employer.

If you are looking for a job in the Hospitality sector or in the Cannabis Industry in Canada, you may contact the Renard International agency with the following contact details :

Contact No: +1 (416) 364 8325
Fax No: +1 (416) 364 4924

Hays Recruitment Agency, Calgary

They are an agency with over 12 years of experience in establishing a professional connection between foreign job seekers and Canadian employers.

They have been providing many services to the newcomers and immigrants such as:

  • Student Visa
  • Super Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Citizenship

They encourage new business start-ups by providing funds(if necessary and if you are eligible) and helping you with any advice for the same to help you succeed in your business.

If you are in need of valuable service in any of the above categories you may contact Hays recruitment agency which has an experienced immigrations team to take care of your immigration and visa requirements.

Please find their contact details below:


Work Global Canada Inc.

The agency has been known for its professional and value-added services since 2012. Many foreign job seekers have benefitted from various services from the agency listed below that have helped them migrate to Canada with
ease and find better living opportunities for themselves.

The services offered by the agency are:

  • Student Permit Visa
  • Work Permit Visa
  • Immigration Consultations and Services
  • HR Consultation
  • Counselling based on the latest labour market trends.

They are one of the best recruitment agencies in Canada for Foreigners. You may contact them with their contact details listed below:

Contact No: 1-709-700-1983
Contact No(Toll free): 1-888-224-5103
Fax: 1-709-800-8956

Now that we have discussed some of the top recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners, let us now look at some frequently asked questions.

How much do recruitment agencies charge in Canada?

The charges or the fees a job seeker needs to pay the recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners varies from 15% of his salary to 25% of his salary. It depends on the hiring process. If your hiring process is longer and tougher, the charges will be more else the charges will be less.

How do recruitment agencies work in Canada?

Recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners are usually paid by the Employers who are partnered with them for helping them find the right candidates for their company roles. They are also paid by the job seekers who need support in writing resumes, advising them with interview tips and finally getting them recruited in their field of expertise.

Are recruiting agencies worth it?

Yes, they will be of great help in saving a lot of your time. You will just need to share all the information about your educational background, work experience, skills and any other industry-related experience that gives a good weightage to your profile in seeking a suitable job in Canada. They will help you in finding the right job that matches your profile as the consultants there are more experienced in your industry.

Once you feel you have chosen one of the best recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a good match for your profile with not much effort rather finding a suitable job all by yourself. It is so time-consuming and not very pleasing.

Confusing about Canadian Visa? Check out the different Canadian Visas and find out which is the most suitable for you.

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Well, it is a good idea if you have decided to find a job in Canada in your field of expertise to make a better living and for giving a quality life for yourself and your family. Canada welcomes all foreign job seekers with open arms to work and settle in the country and live their dreams. And it is also a good idea if you have decided to find a job through one of the recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners as they are more experienced in the field and they guide you well through the process.

However, ensure that you are in safe hands once you find a recruiter for yourself. Do proper research on the agency, learn about them through their website, know their services, know their charges etc. Once you feel safe, you will be able to proceed with your hiring process with no second thought. All the best for your future!


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