POEA jobs in Canada

The POEA jobs in Canada are a part of the public authority that works under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) oversight. It is amenable for the administration of the country’s abroad business program and is commanded to shield the Filipino traveller labourer local area from untrustworthy and illicit enlistment processes.

Besides the DOLE, the POEA jobs in Canada also work with the Overseas Workers Welfare Organization (OWWA) to give social help and security to all OFWs. Albeit administered by one body (DOLE), the POEA and the OWWA go to every one of their jobs unexpectedly.

Employer Name: Canadian Job Bank
Position: Various
No. of vacancies: 15,000+
Salary$2,000.00 – $5000.00 / month
Employment Type: Full time and Part-time
Location: Various cities, Canada

POEA Jobs in Canada 2022

POEA Jobs in CanadaPOEA Jobs in Canada

Step by step instructions to Get POEA Jobs in Canada Without Experience

1. Know your choices and qualification.

Two things might hamper you from getting a new line of work in Canada’s:

(1) Not having enough requirements which are necessary – abilities, and work experience, or you’re

(2) “inadmissible,” means you’re not permitted to enter Canada under immigration law2.

If you’re not in the second group, you may have the opportunity to work in Canada, provided you have the necessary abilities to do so.

Express Entry

Assuming you need to work and move to Canada forever, you should be a talented specialist qualified for one of three Express Entry programs:

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program

The Government Skilled Worker (FSW) program requires Filipino candidates to have the training, language capacity, and talented work insight in any of Poea jobs in Canada 300+ eligible occupations.

POEA jobs in Canada are a point-based framework, so when you make it into the Express Entry pool, you’ll be positioned by the number of focuses you acquire. The most elevated positioning candidates are generally welcomed to apply for a lifelong secured place.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

The Government for Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), dispatched in January 2013, puts more worth on one’s pragmatic preparation than formal schooling. To meet all requirements for FSTP, the candidate should have somewhere around two years of work insight inside the most recent five years in one of the qualified, gifted exchanges.

Canada Experience Class

POEA jobs in Canada Experience Class is for the people who, as of now, have talented work insight in Canada. Notwithstanding the three Express Entry programs above, you may likewise be looked over the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which is for individuals who have the capabilities and have been selected by a particular Canadian area/domain to move to Canada.

Transitory Foreign Worker (TFW) program.

Under this program, Filipinos are recruited by managers who can demonstrate in Canada the abilities and experience they’re searching for. Dedicated Filipinos consider the TFW program a venturing stone to Canadian residents.

After acquiring sufficient experience, POEA jobs in Canada become qualified to apply for highly durable inhabitant status through the Canadian Experience Class.

Look out right Job for you

Now, you’ve most likely chosen which way to find a new line of work in Canada is the best fit for you.

The subsequent stage would find a business that will enlist you. Assuming that you’re qualified for the Express Entry projects and you need to turn into a highly durable inhabitant in the briefest measure of time, I urge you to apply for the POEA jobs in Canada through Canadian Job Bank.

List of top POEA accredited agency

  1. Staffhouse International Resources Corporation
  2. NIR Placement Center, Inc.
  3. Angelex Allied Agency
  4. JS Contractor Incorporated
  5. Arandrea Manpower Services
  6. Mariz Manpower Services
  7. Prudential Employment Agency
  8. Studio 85 Promotions, Inc.
  9. DLB International, Inc.
  10. Meja International Manpower Agency, Inc.
  11. YWA Human Resource Corporation
  12. Jedegal International Manpower Services
  13. Michael Angelo Manpower Exponent Incorporated
  14. Ascend International Services, Inc.
  15. F.I.R International Services Corporation
  16. Omanfil International Manpower Development Corporation
  17. Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.
  18. ASC Global Recruitment, Inc.
  19. City Employment Center, Inc.
  20. Melakom Global Services, Inc.
  21. Philcango International Recruitment Services, Inc.
  22. Grand Placement & General Service Corporation
  23. Placewell International Services Corporation
  24. Humania International Services, Inc.
  25. Pacific Star International Employment Agency Corporation
  26. Sama International Recruitment Agency Company
  27. Industrial Personnel & Management Services, Inc.
  28. Concorde International Human Resource Corporation
  29. Talentsphere, Inc.
  30. God’s Will International Placement, Inc.
  31. Batangueño Human Resources, Inc.
  32. Eyequest International Manpower Services Incorporated
  33. First Personnel Services, Inc.
  34. Fil-Sino Manpower Services, Inc.
  35. EDI Staffbuilders, International
  36. Mayon International Trading Corporation
  37. EEI Corporation
  38. Gerdin International Manpower, Inc.
  39. PJV Human Resources Services Company
  40. Light & Hope Overseas Placement Agency, Inc.
  41. Pinoy Overseas Workers Employment Resources (Power) Corporation
  42. ERRX Recruitment Consulting
  43. Finest Asia Resources, Inc.
  44. Log International HR Recruitment Agency, Inc.
  45. Everbest Overseas Employment Agency, Inc.
  46. Premium Quality Work Solutions Corporation
  47. Al Batra Recruitment Agency, Inc.
  48. A.S.H. Manpower International Services, Inc.
  49. Century High HR, Inc.
  50. A & W International Manpower Services Specialist

Employees of the POEA Job may take advantage of a variety of perks, including:

POEA stands Philippine Overseas Employment Administration which is an administration body answerable for checking and managing private enrollment offices in the Philippines.

Usually, the POEA jobs in Canada guarantee that all open positions abroad accessible to all Filipinos are real. POEA jobs in Canada’s fundamental objective is to ensure all candidates and Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs from illicit scouts or businesses by making and carrying out approaches that attempt the wellbeing of the OFWs.

The POEA jobs in Canada has five individual capacities, to be specific:

  • Enrollment Agency Status Verification – to check the enlistment office status, regardless of whether authorized, suspended, and for all time-restricted or shut.
  • Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) assists expected up-and-comers with deciding and comprehending the benefits and inconveniences of working abroad. POEA jobs in Canada explain the rules and lawful methods for abroad requests for Employment, required archives, and expenses for abroad requests for hire, and even give tips to contenders to assist them with trying not to turn into a casualty of unlawful enlistment.
  • Cutting edge Services: It is Overseas Foreign Worker’s (or OFWs as they are regularly alluded to) legal documentation, such as enlistment of land-based candidates for abroad business and enrollment of sailor’s enlistment endorsement to candidates.
  • Documentation of land-based name recruits or direct recruits and employment and situation of government-recruited labourers are accessible in the bleeding edge administrations.
  • Grievances Division-Overseas labourers can document inconsistencies, enlistment infringement, and objections with their organization at the POEA jobs in Canada Docket and Enforcement Division.
  • Handling of Overseas Employment Certificate-They is accountable for giving the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). Filipino competitors CANNOT leave the Philippines to work abroad without getting an OEC.

Some Interesting facts about POEA Jobs in Canada

  • Issue licenses and allow enlistment, situation, and monitoring offices for land-and ocean-based specialists.
    Administer and control the tasks of such establishments and offices.
  • Supervise the public authority’s enemy of unlawful enlistment programs and hold hostility to illicit enrollment classes all around the country.
  • Channel data and spread realities regarding unlawful enlistment and selection representatives, work tricks, and essential laws that influence traveller labourers and OFW-related issues in different nations.
  • Distinguish and permit sending to nations that perceive OFW privileges as per the necessities and terms of the Amended Migrant Workers Act and are approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
  • Stretch out help and backing to the OFWs who have been survivors of occupation tricks and unlawful enlistment.
    Coordinate and aid in bringing home administrations for dislodged OFW.

POEA Jobs Opportunities for students

Here are the central ten most sought after positions for POEA jobs in Canada starting in 2022:

1. Gear Mechanics


Heavy-obligation gear mechanics check and keep up with development, agricultural and modern hardware important for everyday tasks. Rock-solid hardware and electrical mechanics are sought after among Canada’s rural and contemporary areas.

Modern mechanics work in assembling plants, utilities, and other modern foundations. Agrarian mechanics work in homesteads, nurseries, and animals creation offices.

2. Bosses and Managers


A boss or director supervises the staff in taking care of their responsibilities to guarantee the legitimate fruition of business destinations. POEA jobs in Canada are likewise responsible for staff preparing, client objection goal, promoting execution, income observing, and other everyday business activities.

At present, chiefs and supervisors are famous in the foodservice, inn, and assembling ventures in Canada.

3. Machine Operators


Machine administrators are answerable for utilizing exceptionally concentrated machines to do jobs for the business. Machine administrators ordinarily work in assembling and developing enterprises.

Those working in the assembling enterprises use devices to make extraordinary items that the organization sells. In the interim, machine administrators in development ordinarily utilize weighty hardware like tractors and earthmovers.

4. Assembly line labourers/Production Workers


Production labourers are liable for making items in a modern setting like processing plants for food, hardware, and different things. POEA jobs in Canada ordinarily work in profoundly particular individual stations where they perform errands like item gathering, arranging, and quality control.

5. Mechanical engineers. Work


Unlike machine administrators, mechanical engineers work with large equipment and have the information to set up these machines. POEA jobs in Canada set up and operate machines utilized to cut or shape metal, wood, plastic, and different materials to make exact parts and items.

Their undertakings incorporate perusing designing plans, coordinating machine tasks, and fixing machine instruments.

6. Welders Work


Welders use welding gear to join metal parts like lines, sheets, and different parts utilized in assembling and development. Their undertakings incorporate deciphering welding process details, working fire cutting, fastening, metal forming gear, and directing welding quality and resistance tests.

7. Auto Mechanics, Painters, and Manual Workers


Automotive mechanics, painters, and bodyworkers keep vehicles, trucks, and different vehicles chugging along as expected for organizations and individual clients. Their undertakings incorporate running analytic tests, doing routine support, and fixing or supplanting broken parts.

8. Ranch Workers


A farmworker is a worker in the agricultural business. They might be allocated undertakings like dealing with domesticated animals, developing and reaping crops, and keeping up with ranch gear.

9. Transport Truck Drivers


Transport transporters work substantial trucks to ship merchandise over short and significant distances. They are typically utilized in the assembling, coordination, and development businesses. Their obligations incorporate doing preventive support, guaranteeing the wellbeing of their freight, and organizing with the organization’s dispatch group.

Check Driving jobs for Filipinos

10. Cooks


A cook is liable for arranging a wide assortment of food sources in a café, medical clinic, school, inn, or other foundation. A cook handles undertakings like requesting supplies, preparing dinners, arranging menus, and cleaning the kitchen.

11. Farm Workers

One of the most demanding job is farm working jobs. Every year Canada hiring million of farm workers, as farm labourer, farm supervisor, fruit pickers, vegetable packers. Starting a career as farm worker is a good choice when someone does not have any standard degree such as high school. Even it does not need mostly and minimum previous work experience.

Duties and Responsibilities of POEA jobs

  • To steadfastly follow the specified agreements of this agreement, especially the brief instalment of wages, settlement of apportioning, and the speedy settlement of legitimate cases of the sailor.
  • To make it functional onboard the vessel, the complaint apparatus gave in this agreement and guaranteed its free access consistently by the sailor.
  • To give a secure vessel to the sailor and play it safe to forestall mishap and injury to the team, including POEA jobs in Canada arrangement of wellbeing hardware, fire anticipation, protected and appropriate route of the vessel, and such different safety.
  • It measures essential to keep away from a mishap, injury, or infection to the sailor.
  • To notice the Code of Ethics for Seafarers and behave in the conventional dignity of an expert.

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Latest POEA approved job orders in Canada


How to Apply

However, We cannot guarantee if the job positions are still open because recruitment agencies might have already been appointed for the vacant positions but yet It is recommended to eligible and interested candidates apply for the positions as recruitment agencies will contact them if the positions are still vacant or else candidates should also contact recruitment agencies for further clarifications.

Jobs for Filipinos in Canada


To summarize, finding steady employment in Canada isn’t quite so troublesome as it appeared from the start, regardless of whether you are a Filipino difficult this chance interestingly. There are numerous necessary Poea jobs in Canada for reports arrangement and conveyance; there is some formality, however, as a rule, this objective is very attainable.

The most effective way to find a Canadian line of work is to enlist organizations in the Philippines. Assuming you have a complete resume and introductory letter, it will significantly work with your assignment!

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