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There are a good number of farming working jobs available in various provinces in Canada. Jobs such as farm labourer, farm worker, general farm worker, agricultural labourer, farm manager, agricultural officer, vegetables and fruits packer, dairy farm labourer and more.

Some specific farm worker jobs are Beef cattle farm worker, Cattle ranch labourer, Dairy farm worker, Farm machinery operator, General farm worker, Grain farm worker, Harvester machine operator, Hatchery worker, Poultry farm worker, Vegetable farm worker and more.

Farm worker jobs pay in Canada ranges between $12.50/hour and $27.00/hour. Pay for farm worker jobs in Canada remains different for different types of jobs. The pay of farm worker jobs differs by the experience of employees, employees having employees for several years, and different for freshers and experienced employees.
Canada farm worker jobs include some general requirements and responsibilities. Below mentioned are the requirements, responsibilities, benefits, reasons to work as a farm worker in Canada and more.
General farm working jobs include operators of farm machinery. Farm working jobs are employed on the crop, livestock, fruit, vegetable and speciality farms.


  • The farm working jobs don’t require any specific education or training requirements. In some of the jobs, the candidates might require college certificates or specialized courses related to farming, such as farm equipment mechanics, agricultural welding, tree pruning and pesticide application, are available.
  • The candidates need basic farm knowledge, usually obtained from working on a family farm, which may be required for employment.
  • The candidates may need a course or certificate in first aid
  • The candidates might need to get a certification from a regulatory authority before starting working
  • The candidate should be physically fit for a farm working job. He/she has to perform repetitive tasks, sit & stand for a longer period and more.
  • The candidate should be a team player
  • The candidate should be able to work with a positive attitude
  • The candidate should be able to work with an initiative
  • The candidate should be able to work in a flexible environment
  • The candidate should be someone who can be dependent on
  • The candidate should have judgement skills
  • The candidate should have effective interpersonal skills
  • The candidate should be able to work in an organized way
  • The candidate should be able to handle large workloads


  • The candidate should be able to plant, fertilize, cultivate, spray, irrigate and harvest crops
  • The candidate should be able to feed and tend livestock and poultry
  • The candidate should be able to milk cows
  • The candidate should be able to perform or assist in performing breeding activities of farm animals
  • The candidate should be able to set and monitor water lines, air flow and temperature in barns, pens and chicken coops
  • The candidate should be able to baggage and cargo agent specific skills to maintain work records and logs
  • The candidate should have specialized livestock workers’ specific skills in handling animals
  • The candidate should be able to operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment
  • The candidate should be able to clean stables, barns, barnyards and pens
  • The candidate should be able to follow food safety and security and animal biosecurity procedures
  • The candidate should be able to detect disease and health problems in crops, livestock and poultry
  • The candidate should be able to examine products for quality and prepare for market
  • The candidate should be able to maintain or assist in the maintenance of facilities and farm infrastructure including cleaning stables, barns, barnyards and pens.
  • The candidate should be able to report signs of insect or disease damage
  • The candidate should be able to pot and re-pot plants
  • The candidate should be able to assist in pruning trees, shrubs and plants
  • The candidate should be able to water and tend to plants, lawns and/or gardens


  • The employees get competitive salaries in farm working jobs
  • The employees get a good lifestyle and good pay scale in farm working jobs
  • The employees get the benefits of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)
  • The employees get various insurance benefits such as life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and more
  • The employees get to work in a natural environment
  • The employees get health benefits in a form of a health care plan
  • The employees get paid leave benefits

Why Should You Choose Farm Working Jobs In Canada?

Various farm working jobs from livestock to fieldwork to marketing or research, there are plenty of options to fit any individual. Usually, the farm workers build interest and get a good work ethic.
The farming jobs give free labour and great experience plus free room and board.
The farm working jobs in Canada are arising from expansion demand and replacement demand, and are expected to grow more and more.

Various answers to why you should choose farm-working jobs in Canada are mentioned below.

  • Farm products are the main source of raw materials
  • Farm products and farming jobs can be said as important to international trade
  • Farm working jobs and farm products play a big role in a nation’s revenue
  • Farm working jobs are known to provide a good number of jobs
  • Farm working jobs play a crucial role in a country’s development
  • Farm working jobs help to heal the environment
  • Farm workers get to work with one of the well-known employers and one of the well-known companies/employers
  • Farm workers get various career development opportunities
  • Farm workers get to learn various advanced farming techniques

Finishing Up

Today many agricultural fruit farms are hiring fruit farm labourers in Canada. Authorities of Canada and immigration Canada give a special preference to farm workers. There are many immigrants invited to do farming jobs in Canada. The immigration department also provides visa sponsorship.
Farming jobs are available in all the provinces of Canada. The need for farming jobs in Canada is expanding day by day.

In all, all these things/descriptions can be an answer to why to choose farm working jobs in Canada.

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