Air Canada Careers

Air Canada Careers have been recognized and awarded even during the COVID-19 crisis for its world-class workplace culture. Air Canada is one of the largest airline service providers in the Canadian market, Canada-US transborder market and also in the international market. Air Canada has been offering its air transport services to around 220 destinations on 6 continents. Air Canada airlines were earlier popularly known as Trans-Canada Airlines which first started its operations in 1937. Air Canada is among the top 20 largest airlines around the world.

So now, let us discuss Air Canada Careers. Are you excited?

Employer Name: Air Canada
Position: Various
No. of vacancies: 750
Salary$2500.00 – $5100.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Air Canada Careers

Air Canada CareersAir Canada Careers

Why should I choose Air Canada careers?

  • Air Canada is known for the diversity of employees hired in the company. The Airlines company is one of the top diverse employers in Canada.
  • The work environment at Air Canada is such that it respects all the cultural sensitivities of every customer. It is also known for encouraging the creativity and passion of the workforce in the company.
  • Air Canada Careers support the training and development of its employees. They have trained under self-serve options as well wherein the employees will be able to learn and get trained at their own pace.
  • The company also offers special discounts on airfares and travel packages for its employees and also encourages its employees by recognising them for their exceptional performances in their roles.

What benefits do Air Canada employees get?

There are several exciting benefits offered at Air Canada Careers :

  • Health and Dental Wellbeing.
  • Insurance programs.
  • Training and Development Programs.
  • Vacation time.
  • Discount on Airfares.
  • Special Holiday Discount Programs.
  • Pension Programs.
  • Recognition Programs for excellence in performance and more.

Job Opportunities at Air Canada Careers

Aircraft Maintenance:

This is the department that declares whether an aircraft is airworthy or not. This is the most important department in an airline company. The department is known to perform all the highly technical work on the aircraft which include, repairing, maintenance and operating the aircraft systems and engines.

Opportunities at Air Canada in the Aircraft Maintenance Team include:

  • Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendant.
  • Cabin Engineer
  • Program Engineer
  • Mechanic Millwright
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Engineering Specialist and more.

Flight Operations:

This department is responsible for taking care of the weight and balance, crew scheduling, flight dispatching and more.

Opportunities at Air Canada in the Flight Operations Team include:

  • Flight Operations Crew Scheduler
  • Coordinator
  • Crew Scheduler

Airport and Cargo :

The airport and cargo teams have a lot of important roles and responsibilities to play to create an excellent airport experience to the passengers such as assisting passengers, answering their questions, booking reservations, providing the required guidelines regarding check-ins, delayed flights, lost baggage etc.

The Cargo team is mainly responsible for loading and unloading baggage, goods or produce safely from one place to another.

A few of the opportunities at Air Canada Careers in Airport and Cargo Team include:

  • Cargo Agent
  • Cargo Ground Handling Performance Manager.
  • Cargo AI Transformation Manager.
  • Customer Experience Specialist.
  • Bilingual Customer Experience Specialist, Airport.

In-flight Service:

The in-flight service team is responsible for giving the passengers a great flying experience. The in-flight services include food, beverages, duty-free shopping etc. It also includes the music and entertainment services available via the internet on the flight to keep the passengers entertained throughout the flight. Pillows, bed sheets, eye masks, earplugs are also provided to make the journey all comfortable during long haul flights.

Opportunities at Air Canada Careers in the In-flight services team include:

  • Flight Attendants
  • In-flight Administrative Support Coordinator etc.

Contact Centers:

This team is responsible for assisting customers with inquiries, ticket reservations, alterations in the flight reservations, check-ins, providing flight information, baggage check-ins etc.

Opportunities at Air Canada in the Contact Centers include:

  • Bilingual Customer Sales and Service Agent
  • Customer Sales and Service Agent
  • Customer Relations Representative.
  • Processing Specialist.

We have discussed a few of the many opportunities available at Air Canada Careers. There are still a lot of job openings available in various other teams at Air Canada Careers.

How much does Air Canada pay per hour?

Here are some of the attractive approximate salary packages offered at Air Canada Careers.

  • Flight Attendant – $27.00/hr
  • Airline Pilot – $105,300/yr
  • Manager – $83,100/yr
  • Ramp Agent – $15/hr
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – $90,400/yr
  • Customer Experience Manager – $64,200/yr
  • Station Attendant – $15.00/hr
  • Customer Sales and Service Agent – $17.00/hr

Latest available vacancy in Air Canada

Counsel, Commercial Law - Temporary - 33922DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Counsel, Commercial Law - 33936DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Flight Operations Instructor - 33648VANCOUVER, BC, CanadaView & Apply
Technical Data Controller - 33932VANCOUVER, BC, CanadaView & Apply
Specialist, Data & Analytics (Data Strategy) - 33898DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Licensed Aircraft Technician – (CAT 38) - Avionics - In anticipation of - 33921TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Operations Support Manager - Cargo - 33885DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Manager Operations, Airports - 33901TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – (CAT 01) - In anticipation of - 33920TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Stockkeeper - 33915WINNIPEG, MB, CanadaView & Apply
Talent Acquisition Delivery Specialist - 33808DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Training Delivery Manager - 33881DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Occupational Health Services Manager - 33906DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Specialist, Data & Analytics (Delivery lead) - 33865DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Manager, Security Operations - 33899TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Specialist, Cyber Security Compliance (PCI) - 33876DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Flight Operations Crew Scheduler - 33908TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Air Canada Maintenance Team Leader - 33875VANCOUVER, BC, CanadaView & Apply
Manager, Artificial Intelligence/ Business Transformation - 33887DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Technical Data Controller - 33883DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Dispatcher in Training - 33900TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Ground Support Equipment Mechanic Helper – (CAT 30) - Temporary - 33894VANCOUVER, BC, CanadaView & Apply
Senior Developer, Digital Platform - Information Technology - 33835TORONTO, ON, CanadaView & Apply
Air Canada Maintenance Team Leader - 33868DORVAL, QC, CanadaView & Apply
Ground Support Equipment Technician – (CAT 23) - 33864EDMONTON, AB, CanadaView & Apply

Why should I apply through the Canadian Job Bank?

The Canadian Job Bank is known to be the leading source for the latest labour market trends in Canada. Canadian Job Bank encourages different Canadian Employers and organizations to connect much quicker with suitable and deserving job seekers.

It is easier to apply through the Canadian Job bank website rather than looking for a job all by yourself. It will be very time consuming and tedious to look for a suitable job on your own.

However, the Canadian Job Bank helps you connect easily with a suitable profile in your area of expertise, education or interest. So, do not think anymore. Start applying now for your suitable roles at Air Canada through the Canadian Job Bank.


Is Air Canada training paid?

Yes, you will be paid during the training period. However, the salary package during the training period will be comparatively lesser than the pay you will receive when you are on the job.

Do Air Canada employees fly for free?

Air Canada offers special discounted airfares to its employees and to all their immediate family members.

Can Foreigners apply for Air Canada?

Yes, foreigners are welcome to apply at Air Canada Careers. Well, a foreigner will have to migrate to Canada with all the required work permits to be able to apply for a successful and fulfilling career at Air Canada Careers.

How do I get a job at Air Canada Careers?

The best way to apply for a job at Air Canada Careers would be through the Canadian Job Bank website because we are listing all the latest jobs vacancies with genuine details.


As discussed so far, Air Canada is apparently a huge airline company with a number of career opportunities available for all the young and experienced job aspirants of the airline industry. They have an attractive salary package too along with all the great benefits an airline industry can offer. So there is nothing much to think about now. Just start applying now!

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