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Although electrician jobs are in high demand everywhere, and the job outlook is predicted to be higher than average in the following years, this is not the only reason that being an electrician can be a good career decision. In this article will find many more things that can help you in your electrician job career.

Positions at Electrician Jobs that you can apply

Domestic Electrical Installers

Domestic electrical installers are among the most common types of electricians, as they work on private residences. Thus far, we’ve covered small and large jobs around the house, ranging from simple socket repairs to wiring installation throughout a home.

Installation Electrician

You’ll be in charge of installing lighting, security, power, fire protection systems, and structure cabling, amongst other things. Due to working on larger projects, this job’s scope is slightly broader than that of a domestic electrical installer’s work. From construction sites to commercial establishments, installation electricians can work almost anywhere.

Maintenance Electrician

In electrical maintenance systems, maintenance electricians ensure that modern electrical systems and the equipment they serve are continually operating effectively, safely, and economically. This can include anything from the upkeep of the electrical grid to repairing malfunctioning machinery in manufacturing facilities.

Electrotechnical Panel Builder

Their responsibility is to design and manage the electrical control panels that regulate buildings’ heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. They use programmable logic controllers and information technology to do so.

Instrumentation Electrician

This position’s responsibilities are commissioning, testing, fault finding, and repairing building environmental control systems, including large air conditioning units, heating, and refrigeration.

Electrical Machine Repairer & Rewinder

Specialized electrical machine repair and rewind specialists are required to repair and maintain machinery such as transformers, compressors, pumps, and fans found in buildings. They are also needed to repair and maintain equipment machinery outside of buildings.

Highway Electrical Systems Electrician

Highly trained electricians working in highway electrical systems ensure that our street lighting, including traffic management systems, is continuously managed and maintained to a high level of excellence.

What is the Salary of an Electrician Job?

An entry-level electrician’s hourly wage is typically around $21.25. At the beginning of an electrician’s career, their salary climbs dramatically. With between 5 and 10 years of experience under their belt, electricians may expect to earn roughly $49,000 per year on average. It is estimated that yearly salaries average $54,000 in the United States.

Responsibilities of Electrician Jobs :

As an electrician, you transport electricity from its source to consumers’ homes and businesses. The duties of this job vary depending on specialization but may include:
  • Choosing the best locations for electrical outlets, light fixtures, heating outlets, and ventilation systems in new buildings
  • The ability to read and understand technical documents such as architect blueprints
  • Electrical and control systems installed in new and existing buildings by municipal codes
  • Making electrical circuits by connecting wires to components and fixtures and testing them
  • Constructing electrical control and distribution equipment such as relays, circuit breaker panels, and switches
  • Performing routine maintenance on wiring, lighting, and control systems checking for faults in circuit breakers, transformers, and other electrical components
Advantages of an Electrician Job:
  • An electrician job can progress from Journeyman to Master status by gaining experience and training. Master electricians often undertake higher-level duties and hence earn more. They can also order permits, unlike Journeymen.
  • Many electrician jobs belong to a union.
  • While office workers often stay at the same workstation, electricians are constantly moving to various jobs locations.
Wrapping Up
A career as an electrician sounds appealing to you. A wide variety of electrician job paths are open to you once you have received the necessary training and knowledge. Electrician Jobs can find work in various settings, ranging from residential houses to high-voltage transmission and distribution networks.

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