Maple Leaf Careers

Have you ever wondered about Maple Leaf Careers to land on? This article will provide you with a summary of how to make a career with Maple Leaf Food.

Employer Name: Maple Leaf Foods
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 1100
Salary$1760.00 – $5200.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Maple Leaf Careers

maple leaf careersmaple leaf careers


Overview Of Maple Leaf:

Maple Leaf Foods shares DNA with many of Canada’s historic food companies such as William Davies Company, Canada Packers and much more. Maple Leaf Foods was started from Maple Leaf Mills (formed in 1961)
through the amalgamation of Maple Leaf Milling Company, Toronto Elevators and Purity Flour Mills Limited. After around 30 years, Maple Leaf Mills came together with Canada Packers to create Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest food processor. After which, McCain Capital and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board acquired a controlling interest in the new company in 1995.

Throughout Maple Leaf’s long history, it has been the company adapted to better feed the evolving palette of Canada and the world. Maple Leaf is known to continue to Raise the Good in Food. The same is known to define Maple Leaf Food as a company and as an individual.

Why one should consider Maple Leaf Careers

Maple Leaf Foods is a leading consumer food company in Canada. Maple Leaf is known for its products of safe, great-tasting, nutritious food to help nurture people’s potential during every meal of the day. It is known to have a values-based culture, a team of passionate people and having a clear vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth.

Maple Leaf Food Facts To Know About Working There:

  • Maple Leaf Careers require a minimum age of 18 years to be employed
  • Maple Leaf jobs require physical capabilities, regular attendance, good punctuality, no absenteeism and work reports on time.
  • Sometimes, Maple Leaf jobs require a one and half paid overtime of 1-2 hours.
  • Maple Leaf Careers has a variety of job opportunities such as HR Coordinator, Team Leader, Front Desk Administrator, Marketing Associate, Talent Acquisition Director Shipping Worker etc.
  • All the Co-op positions of Maple Leaf Foods are posted at universities and college job boards across Canada. The candidate can look for these positions at his/her institution’s co-op board. With this, the Leadership Track Graduate Program position will be posted on the official website of Maple Leaf Careers.

Maple Leaf Food Employment Opportunities:

Providing Quality Food To The Customers:

The most important work of Maple Leaf Food is to provide the best quality food to its customers. Its workers should be dedicated and helpful for the customers to give them the best food of their choice. With this, the employees also have to give innovative techniques to maintain the quality and quantity of the food items produced.

There Is No Prior Experience Required For Entry Level Jobs:

For entry-level jobs (co-op jobs), there is no restaurant or any other industry experience required for Maple Leaf Food Jobs. Other than this, when it comes to mid-level or senior-level jobs (New Graduate Career Development Program Vacancies) relevant experience might be required.

Possibility For Progression/Promotion:

When it comes to Progression/Promotion, Maple Leaf Food is known to have a culture that supports people to thrive and reach their full potential. It expects that its employees will take a stand, pursue excellence and get promoted according to their skills and hard work.

Maple Leaf Food Job Description and Salary Ranges:

Employees at Maple Leaf Food are often required to have high school degrees or graduate degrees. Also, possible requirements include driving licenses and security checks. Maple Leaf Food is often in the look of employees to fill the following position:


  • Marketing employees at Maple Leaf can be someone who has completed their graduation or are students but should have good practical and marketing knowledge
  • Marketing employees at Maple Leaf have to spread Maple Leaf’s name in a positive way, with the maximum limit possible
  • With this, a typical marketing manager at Maple Leaf is offered a salary of CA$105,569 per year.

Information Solutions

  • Information Solutions at Maple Leaf Food should be IT graduates/diploma holders.
  • Information Solutions employees at Maple Leaf have to work on building new technologies and solve the current technological problems in the company.
  • When it comes to paying, Information Solutions at Maple Leaf is offered a salary of CA$67,456 per year.


  • A Finance employee at Maple Leaf can be a graduate and also can be a college student depending on the position.
  • A Financial Analyst or a Financial Manager should be a graduate on the other hand the lower-level finance employees can be undergraduates as well
  • With this when it comes to paying, a financial analyst salary at Maple Leaf Food can range from CA$54,792 to CA$75,344.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

  • FSQA (Food Safety and Quality Assurance) is one of the most important jobs at Maple Leaf Food.
  • The company is based on the quality of food it serves, due to which it hires the best team for its FSQA department.
  • With this, the pay of FSQA employees at Maple Leaf Food remains CA$52,284 per year

Latest available positions Maple leaf Careers:

Afternoon Evisceration Labourer
View & Apply
Sanitation WorkerView & Apply
Warehouse Supervisor
View & Apply
Six Sigma Master Data Analyst
View & Apply
Vice President, Internal Audit
View & Apply
General Labour
View & Apply
Full-Time Afternoon Production
View & Apply
Sr. Finance Analyst – Foodservice
View & Apply
Microbial Technologist
View & Apply
Order Processing Administrator - PT Contract
View & Apply
Quality Assurance-Assistant
View & Apply
Part-Time Egg Gatherer
View & Apply
Full-Time Floater
View & Apply
Student Egg Gatherer
View & Apply
Full - Time Separator Operator
View & Apply
Part-Time General Labourer
View & Apply
Finance Analyst - Contract
View & Apply
Maintenance Mechanic - 6 week rotation
View & Apply
Analyste Comptable
View & Apply
Leadership Track Graduate Program
View & Apply
HR Advisor
View & Apply
Stationary Engineer (Night Shift)
View & Apply
Production Worker - Lagimodiere
View & Apply
Material Supply Coordinator - Contract
View & Apply
Industrial Meat Cutter/Butcher
View & Apply
Sanitation Technician
View & Apply
Production Worker
View & Apply
Sr Maintenance Supervisor
View & Apply
FSQA Technician (Auditor) - Contract
View & Apply
Maintenance Planner - Contract
View & Apply

Tips For Submitting An Application:

Applicants can check for the available opportunities through co-op jobs or New Graduate Career Development Program according to their education. Applicants for co-op jobs can be submitted from the respective colleges of the applicants and others can apply directly from the official website by visiting the career centre. Applicants should be in a professional attire while submitting the applications, should prepare for the questions according to their posts, students/applicants should prepare a professional CV and also search for basic questions asked in an interview. Keep in mind to be presentable, soft spoken and quality workers while applying for Maple Leaf Food Jobs.

Status Of The Application:

The status of the applications can be checked directly from the website or by making a call. Usually, the applicants who do not contact are overlooked sometimes. If the candidate has applied online he/she can keep a look on the career center of the Maple Leaf Food Careers to receive the hiring statuses. The application procedure usually takes 2-7 days according to the profile.

The Advantages Of Working At Maple Leaf Food:

Maple Leaf Food workers are eligible for various benefits, the co-op workers get advantages such as competitive salary, flexible working hours, advanced technology with work from home being possible, opportunities to be a part of the New Graduate Career Development Program after graduation, testing offers of new products, exposure to senior leaders and stakeholders and Maple Leaf Food training and development opportunities as well.

The New Graduate Career Development Program workers get advantages such as annual performance reviews, senior-level mentorship, learning and networking opportunities, on-the-job learning, specialized leadership training, competitive salary, other financial benefits and pension plans.

Roles That Are In High Demand:

  • Agriculture Operations $498 to $660 a month, depending on the projects
  • Corporate and Public Affairs jobs, with a competitive pay depending on the work
  • Finance and Accounting jobs offer a payment of $54,792 to CA$75,344 per year
  • Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Technical Services jobs offering pay of CA$52,284 per year
  • Human Resources jobs offering a pay of CA$67,456 per year.
  • Information Solutions jobs offer pay of CA$67,456 per year
  • Manufacturing and Engineering jobs offering competitive pay
  • Marketing and Sales jobs offering a pay of CA$105,569 per year.
  • Six Sigma jobs offering a pay of $110,402-$119,526 per year.
  • Supply Chain and Purchasing jobs with competitive pay according to the work

What Is Next?

Maple Leaf Food is known as one of the best restaurants in Canada, for providing great products and playing a role to provide safe, great-tasting, nutritious food to help nurture people’s potential during every meal of the day.
As the Maple Leaf Food have various posts, and are in demand, you can start your career here and go ahead with great promotion and growth in your life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Does Maple Leaf Food Is Only In Canada and Employs Only In Canada?

As of today, Maple Leaf Food employs approximately 11,500 people and runs the business in Canada, the U.S. and Asia. With this, the Maple Leaf Wood is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario and its shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MFI).

What Food Items Does Maple Leaf Foods produce?

Maple Leaf Foods is a well-known carbon neutral company working with a vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth. The company works on the responsibility to produce food products under leading brands including Maple Leaf, Maple Leaf Prime, Maple Leaf Natural Selections, Schneiders, Schneiders Country Naturals, Mina and Greenfield Natural.

In all, how many plants does Maple Leaf Foods have?

In all, Maple Leaf Foods operates on over 120 plants, which also includes the 10 biggest plants accounting as the 50 percent of the company’s energy use.

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