Olymel Careers

Have you ever thought about Olymel careers, thought of Olymel jobs to land on. The article will provide you with a summary of how to make a career with Olymel.

Overview of Olymel

Olymel is known to provide innovative products, for optimizing food services for a restaurant, hotel or an institution. A person can count on Olymel to get a complete guide about food knowledge professionals.

Olymel has various specialists to help every type of establishment of Canada. Olymel doesn’t want any of the food service providers to spend more than it’s worth. Olymel works with ideas for getting the right product at the right price. The company works with all the right partners, with having everyone to meet all types of challenges.
Olymel’s clients are the all that matters to the company. It helps the clients to attain their goals by offering practical solutions that fit the reality.

From labs to consulting services, Olymel in all has a complete access to resources needed to succeed. Lastly, Olymel can be a true partner for all the businesses, it has the best qualities such as reliability, accessibility and quality in it. It has a team of passionate people, who listen to clients’ needs, and make their vision into reality.

Olymel Careers

With leveraging the talent of its 15000 expert employees, today, Olymel is recognised as the hog production and meat processing sectors, in Canada and also all around the world.
With its expertise and collaborative team, Olymel has always continued to grow and thrive as a flagship company in the agri food industry.

Olymel Facts To Know About Working There

  • Olymel Careers require a minimum age of 18 years
  • Olymel is known to have one of the most dynamic human resources departments in Canada.
  • All Olymel employees should compulsorily complete their medical questionnaire.
  • Olymel keeps the health of its employees in the first place.
  • Olymel employees need to perform the theoretical, practical and psychometric tests to complete the hiring process
  • Accurate Olymel jobs can only be checked on the website, a candidate can even register on the website for future posts. (Olymel only accepts online applications).

Olymel Employment Opportunities

Firstly The Client Comes In

Olymel is known to provide the best service and practical guidance to its clients. The company is known not only to make money, but provide products to the customers at the correct price and make the customers serve.
When the client comes in at Olymel, the client is handled by the sales and marketing team. The sales marketing team handles the client on different stages according to their roles and responsibilities.

The Clients are Converted and Given The Best Services

After the clients meet the Olymel sales and marketing team, they purchase the required products and services. With the same, the work of production, sales, accounts and administrative department starts. The various departments complete their work in different stages according to their roles and responsibilities.

Other Officeworks

Other than client handling and related departments, there are also many other small and big roles at Olymel. Other office works at Olymel includes technical roles to improve technology, HR and talent manager department, to solve issues of current employees and find new employees to work, social media managing team and many other departments.

Olymel Job Description and Salary Ranges

1. Operational Roles

  • Operational roles at Olymel give a stimulating work environment and offer job stability.
  • Olymel operational roles include positions such as journeyman, supervisor, manager etc. In various processes such as slaughtering, butchering to the processing of pork and poultry meats. Olymel has a wide range of operational opportunities.
  • The operational employees at Olymel are approximately paid C$62644 per year.

2. Hog Production Roles

  • Hog production roles at Olymel are for the candidates who are passionate about animals, enjoy working outdoors and a person who is not afraid to roll up sleeves and get hands-on work.
  • Olymel provides a stable and a challenging job supported by state-of-the-art tools.
    Being the best hog producer in Canada,
  • Olymel has several positions that may correspond to the hog producer profile.
  • The hog producers working with Olymel are paid $4 per hog.

3. Technical and Transportation Roles

  • Olymel is known to be at the forefront of technology and food quality standards.
  • Olymel has a wide range of exciting technical challenges. It has various technical and transportation roles such as quality control, automation, robotics, transportation, environment, engineering, mechanics, welding, and more.
  • With discovering a countless number of challenges, the technical employees are given a competitive pay, depending on their role and work

4. Sales and marketing roles

  • Sales and marketing are the heart and soul of Olymel.
  • Olymel has various sales and marketing roles, such as sales representative, account manager, sales supervisor, brand manager, consumer marketing manager, project manager for R&D or innovation.
  • Sales and marketing employees at Olymel are given a competitive pay, according to their role and sales experience

5. Technology Roles

  • Technology roles at Olymel are for all of the passionate people for the latest technology.
  • The Olymel in-house information technology department ensures the efficient running of the different technologies in all our establishments across Canada.
  • Olymel has various roles in the technology department such as programmer, manager and a technician.
  • The technology roles at Olymel are given a competitive pay, according to the role and work of the employees.

6. Administrative Roles

  • Being an ever-growing company, Olymel has exciting challenges and numerous positions in all areas of administration.
  • Olymel administrative roles, provides opportunities to applications to explain something new other than their field of expertise.
  • Olymel has administrative roles for all, if a person is an administrative assistant, receptionist, HR consultant, analyst, logistics or distribution specialist, among others, all can explore administrative roles
  • Olymel pays a competitive pay, for different administrative roles, depending on the work and the post.

Tips For Submitting An Application

Applications can submit the applications online, for current vacancies and also for future vacancies. In the interview, the applications are needed to have professional knowledge and experience for a few of the posts. The candidates are needed to prepare for a few questions before the interview, medical clearance and completion of the medical questionnaire before joining.

Status of The Application

The candidate should remain updated for further interview rounds and processes after submitting the applications and clearing the first round of Olymel hiring.

Note: Olymel updates on email or on the official website with its career updates.

After completing the interview, the candidate should be prepared for the theoretical, practical and psychometric tests. The candidates should provide accurate references to clear the reference checks to validate a successful employment. Lastly, the candidate should get cleared with the medical questionnaire to be hired at Olymel.

The Advantages of Working at Olymel

Olymel workers are eligible for dental and medical care, occupational health and safety, salary insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, employee assistance program, competitive compensation, sports activities, social activities, employee assistance program, product discounts and other perks. Olymel employees are also eligible for career development benefits such as training and development programs, recognition program, orientation and integration program, employee referral program, internal mobility and community involvement.

Roles That Are In High Demand

  • Operational Jobs are paid C$62644 per year
  • Pork Suppliers are $4 per hog
  • Accounts Jobs are paid $63303 per year
  • Talent Manager are paid $16 to $25 per day
  • Human Resources Manager are approximately paid $17 per hour
  • Office Management paid a competitive pay
  • Area Supervisor are paid, with a range of C$67628 to C$77831
  • Store General Manager are paid $14.12 to $30.58 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative are paid an average of C$64,174 per year
  • Technical Support Specialist paid with a competitive pay
  • Case Selector are paid C$16 to C$25 per hour
  • Business Unit Leader are paid C$13 to C$25 per hour

Latest Olymel Jobs in Canada

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Réception/compte à payer

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What Is Next?

As an expert, Olymel can be known as a true partner for all the businesses, having the best qualities such as reliability, accessibility and quality in it. As it is growing, Olymel is in high demand and has many vacancies. For more information, applicants can check the website, to gather more information and be updated about the vacancies at Olymel.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the owner of Olymel?

Olymel shares are majorly-owned by the Canadian co-op Sollio Cooperative Group. As of now, the company also has been hit by industrial action.

What products are supplied by Olymel?

Olymel offers a wide range of Pork and other types of fresh and frozen cut meats. The company is known to offer a wide range of quality products, under its own brand.

Why is Olymel renowned?

Olymel is renowned for its rigorous production process, food safety and traceability standards, making the company an undisputed leader in the food industry.

What production does Olymel make?

Olymel produces various types of products such as Black forest ham, nitrite-free, European Sausages Bacon and Cheddar, Black forest shaved smoked ham, Black forest shaved smoked ham, Old fashion shaved smoked ham, Regular bulk wieners with Skin on, Naturally smoked ham, Mild Italian Amoré sausages and much more.

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