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Peace River Hydro Partners is a hydroelectric power generation project which is operating to provide enough energy to the livelihood in British Columbia. The Peace River Hydro Partners has been a partnership between ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd.

The project includes the main civil works contract that includes:

  • Permanent network of site roads.
  • Site drainage.
  • Debris handling facilities and many more.

Employer Name: Peace River Hydro Partners
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 50
Salary$25.00 – $42.00 per hour
Employment type: Full time
Location: British Columbia, Canada

Why should one think about Peace River Hydro Partners Jobs?

  • They have interesting projects where you are encouraged to take an active part to contribute to the projects.
  • They are proud to be offering an environment which is challenging and rewarding.
  • The company has a work environment which is driven by some of the values such as respect, sense of community, integrity, teamwork and promotion of work/life balance.
  • Employees say they have a very good pay and are having big projects which encourage them to learn new things and hence they don’t want to leave the job anymore.
  • It is a fast paced job which encourages its employees to put in quite a lot of good effort to finish their work before their deadlines. Employees in such cases start learning how to finish their jobs on or before their given deadlines which is in turn a blessing in disguise for them.

What are the benefits that Peace River Hydro Partners employees get?

  • The employees are always cared for their safety, wellness and their environment.
  • The company leaders have pride in their employees’ work. Employees very well know what project they are working on and what are the strategies they need to be working on in order to contribute to the company’s goals.
  • If the employees are highly skilled and have passion to work for the company, they are recognised and retained in the company. If necessary they are also given training to work efficiently in various other sectors in the company as well.
  • Peace River Hydro Partners are equal opportunity employers which provide competitive wages, relocating packages and many other benefits for their employees.

There are many other benefits offered by the company such as:

  1. Co-op student programs.
  2. Apprenticeship programs.
  3. Several growth opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates.

There are more benefits for employees such as:

1. They have an opportunity to board the Charter flights from hubs namely :

  • Vancouver
  • Kelowna
  • Calgary
  • Nanaimo
  • Edmonton

2. Addition to this they have very good cam accommodations namely :

  • Private rooms
  • Licensed lounges
  • A gymnasium
  • Multifaith center
  • Weight training area.

3. There are many services that include :

  • Hair dressing.
  • Physiotherapy
  • On-site coffee shops
  • Medical clinics etc.

What are the job opportunities at Peace River Hydro Partners?

Now let us discuss some of the most attractive Peace River Hydro Partners jobs:

1. Earthworks Superintendent:

Schedule a meeting in order to have a planning and reviewing of the construction project in the presence of Assistant General Superintendent, General Superintendent and the

2. Project Manager:

Assist the seniors in the company to schedule all the project work dates within the deadlines and complete the work on time and many more.

3. Batch Plant Superintendent:

  • Prepare and always maintain a high class safety culture in the fast changing environment.
  • Make sure all batch plant work is done to the safety and quality standards.
  • Work with the senior leaders in the company on batch plant operations, all the batch plant productions and maintenance.
  • Schedule weekly meetings and lead the conference calls with batch plant subcontractors and many more.

4. Concrete Field Technician:

  • Ensure workers on field are provided with enough technical support for the work to be done.
  • Ensure the safety standards are being met by supervising and inspecting the concrete pours during constructions and many more.

5. Quality Inspector (fly in/fly out):

  • Mediate with all the construction team, survey team, laboratory team and other teams on the site.
  • Take initiative to advise the quality manager of work that has not been done in accordance with the project requirements.
  • Importantly be proactive in releasing the work which is in compliance with the project requirement and reject the work which is not in compliance with the project requirement and many more.

6. Driller Fly in/Fly out :

  • To bore large blast holes of calculated and specified depths at previously staked positions in an open pit. They are supposed to operate and drive truck mounted rotary drilling, air track or drilling machines for performing the drilling operations as mentioned above.
  • Ensure there are sufficient supplies for the day and be responsible for the maintenance of all the necessary equipments for drilling purposes.

Here are some of the jobs and their roles and responsibilities at Peace River Hydro Partners. There are many more such roles namely:

  • Lab Technician
  • Equipment Operator – Packer
  • Crusher Engineer – Fly in / Fly out.
  • Safety Advisor
  • Earthworks Field Engineer and more.

What is Peace River Hydro Partners salary?

  • Equipment Operator – $40.00 per hour
  • Operator – $43.00 per hour
  • Mechanic – $42.00 per hour
  • Carpenter – $40.00 per hour
  • Skilled Laborer – $25.00 per hour

10,000 + available positions in British Columbia. Apply now..

peace river hydro partners jobspeace river hydro partners jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the training offered at Peace River Hydro Partners paid?

The training was allocated $91,000 earlier, a few years back by the government of British Columbia.

2. Can Foreigners apply at Peace River Hydro Partners?

Yes, foreigners are also eligible to apply for the jobs at Peace River Hydro Partners. Please ensure you have all the work permits available with you to be able to join a work force in Canada for a successful career.

3. How do I get a job at Peace River Hydro Partners?

No need to panic! You will be able to apply to a job that suits your profile through the Canadian Job Bank website.

4. Why should I apply through the Canadian Job Bank website?

You will need to apply to the Peace River Hydro Partners jobs through the Canadian Job bank website as the job bank website is one of the most leading job market sources. The website has a network of leading Canadian Employers so that it will be easier for you to match your profile with an appropriate matching and a vacant one. So, don’t keep thinking. Start applying now for the job of your choice at Peace River Hydro Partners.

Conclusion :

Peace River Hydro Partners is a company with a wide variety of jobs. There are a lot of jobs which need your presence on site which makes your job more attractive and fascinating!. So, do not miss this rare opportunity.

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