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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) is Canada’s National Police Force. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also called Mounties provide several services to the country from municipal policing and federal policing to national security intelligence gathering services.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police force was formed in 1873 – 150 years ago. Ever Since their formation about a century and a half century years ago, they have grown with Canadians and for Canadians. It was earlier known as North Western Mounted Police(NWMP). In 1920 it was renamed as Royal Canadian Mounted Police force.

Now let us discuss more about opportunities, their roles, benefits and more about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs.

Why do I want to work for the RCMP Jobs?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs offer over 150 specializations. The work at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs is very rewarding. Both the training and work fills in a lot of energy in you. You will be responsible for keeping the Canadians and their interests safe by preventing any crime in the country. You will also be responsible to assist Canadians in any emergency situations. If you want to make a difference in your community, province and your country, do not encourage a second thought. Start applying now!!

What are the benefits offered at the RCMP Jobs?

There are several benefits offered by the RCMP jobs.

We have listed a few below:

  • Cadet Recruitment Allowance: You will be provided with an allowance during your 26- week training period.
  • Paid Vacation days
  • Maternal Allowance
  • Parental Allowance
  • Pension Plans
  • Personal Development
  • Insurance etc.

What are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Careers?

Now let us discuss the 3 career opportunities in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs.

Police Officers:

Their main roles include:

  • Prevent and solve crime
  • Enforce federal, territorial and municipal law
  • Build and maintain relationships with different communities
  • Work towards keeping Canadians safe.

There are several specializations offered under the Police Officer Careers in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs. They are:

  • Indigeneous Community Policing
  • Forensic Identification
  • General Duty Policing
  • Financial Crime
  • Emergency Response Team etc.

Civilian Employee Careers:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs have 2 types of non-police officers also known as civilian employees. They are Civilian members and Public Service employees. There are several positions available under the Civilian employees or Public Service employees at the RCMP jobs. They are

  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Forensics
  • Psychologist
  • Research and Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Air and Marine Operations
  • Administrative Support
  • Wellness and Safety
  • Technicians and Technologists etc.

Community Constables:

They usually serve in their home communities. Their main role is to participate in prevention of crime and other crime reduction activities in their communities.

Latest jobs at Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Technologist (Inventory)View & Apply
Administrative Positions -Inventory for the Southeast area of British ColumbiaView & Apply
Compensation Advisor
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Administrative Coordinator (Inventory)View & Apply
RCMP Jail Guard
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Firearms Agent - Inventory
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Police Dispatchers (Telecommunications Operator Trainee) INVENTORYView & Apply
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Logistics and Administrative Support Representative (Inventory)View & Apply
Administrative Positions – Casual Inventory for the Northern area of BC.
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Mail Clerk (Inventory)
View & Apply
Senior Firearms Technician - Inventory
View & Apply
Casual Inventory for RCMP Support Positions in Manitoba
View & Apply

How much do Royal Canadian Mounted Police get paid?

  • Police Dispatcher – $58,000 per year
  • Law Enforcement Officer – $27.00 per hour
  • Safety Officer – $82,000 per year
  • Guard – $14.50 per hour
  • Police Officer – $1,03,400 per year
  • Police constable – $94,300 per year etc
  • Administrative Assistant – $56,000 per year etc.

Is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training paid?

Yes, you will be provided with an allowance of $520 during your Cadet Training Program.

Can Foreigners apply for Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs?

In order to be able to apply for a Canadian police force, you will need to be a permanent resident of Canada and also you will need to have completed 4 year secondary education in Canada.

How do I join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs?

You will need to apply through the Canadian Job Bank to be able to easily join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs.

Why should I apply through the Canadian Job bank?

Canadian Job bank helps all the job seekers to find a suitable job easily and plan their careers. The job bank also helps the Canadian Employers find the right candidates for their job openings.

The Canadian Job bank portal has been the leading source for the latest labor market trends. So, it is easier to find a job by applying through the Canadian Job bank rather than finding a job all by yourself as it saves a lot of time. It will be very time consuming and tedious looking for a job all by yourself.

So start applying now for your suitable roles at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs through the Canadian Job bank right away.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs have had a proud history. They were formed way back in 1873. They have evolved and grown ever since their formation with and for the Canadian people. They have been working for the safety of Canadian people since the last one and a half centuries which is commendable. So if you are aspiring to find a job at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs, start applying now! Do not wait!

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