Factory workers are recruited in most of the major provinces and cities of Canada i.e., Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Scarborough, Brampton, and Edmonton, etc. Factory workers jobs in Canada are available in production and manufacturing industries with multiple staff requirements. Factory working jobs generally include working in the production units. Factory workers are responsible for the production of the final goods that their factory produces. Factory workers’ major responsibilities include performing lite item works, maintaining clean working surroundings, and meeting a minimum output level that has been specified by their supervisor or employer.

If you are looking for a factory working job in Canada do check the below article for detailed information. You will get detailed information for companies and industries who are looking for factory workers.

Factory workers in Canada have to perform the manufacturing of products in large quantities. The factory workers may/or may not have to work in shift basis like first, second, or third shifts. The factory workers may have to work additional time as the workload of a factory increases. The factory workers may have the options to work part-time or full time working hours. The factory workers generally have to work in a production house or warehouse setting.

When it comes to qualifications, usually the factory workers are expected to hold minimum education of a high school diploma or equivalent. To an overview of requirements, the factory workers must be able to stand and walk long times and the minimum weight fixed by national labour law. They should have the ability to perform simple logical, math problems and follow all health and safety procedures are also essential.

Employer Name: Canadian Job Bank
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 5000
Salary: $18.00 – $35.00 per hour
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada


The requirements for factory working jobs in Canada, you must knowledge of English or French Language
Some employers need high school graduation degree or some employers don’t need any qualifications.
Having experience is not mandatory, Candidates can apply to various jobs application without past working experience.

You should be physically fit and should be able to work under pressure. Further requirements related the specific jobs, has been mentioned on.


  • The employees get Insurance, Health, and Wellness benefits
  • The employees get Workers Compensation benefits
  • The employees get various bonus such as Performance, Overtime, Annual Company Bonus benefits

Why Should You Choose Factory Working Jobs In Canada?

The factory working employees get most of the manufacturing and production companies are offering very competitive and attractive employee benefits to their workers. The factory working employee benefits depends upon the current labour law of the country and the policies of the factory itself. In all, the reasons to work in a factory in Canada are deferred by company to company.

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Type of Jobs, Pay and Other Details:

Factory Working Jobs in Canada includes a list of jobs such as Factory Helper, Factory Labourer, Packaging Worker, Manufacturing Worker and Labourer, Elemental Worker, General Labourer, Food and Beverage Production Worker, Plastic Composite Worked, Construction Worker/Labourer, Textile Factory Worker, Meat Processing Worker, Warehouse Worker, Biscuit Factory Helper, Chocolate Factory Helper, Cheese Factory Worker, Food Processing Worker, Labourer, General-Manufacturing, General Labour, Factory Labourer-Manufacturing, Helper Factory, Cheese Factory Worker and more.

When it comes to average salary of factory working jobs, the average salary of factory working jobs differ from company to company. The salary of the factory working jobs is offered as per the work type, working shift, difficulty, and risk.

The average salary offered in Canada for different factory working jobs is explained below. An employee who is an entry-level factory worker having 1 year or less work experience can expect to earn average total wages of C$14.60 per hour including tips, bonus, and overtime pay.

  • An employee who is an early career Factory Worker having the experience of 1-4 years can earn an average pay of C$14.91 per hour.
  • An employee who is a mid-career Factory Worker in Canada having the experience of 5-9 years can earn an average pay of C$18.16 per hour.
  • An employee who is the most experienced and veteran Factory Worker of 10-19 years can earn an average pay of C$17.50 per hour.

When it comes to individual bifurcation, the average payout of individual factory working jobs is mentioned below.

A Heavy Equipment Mechanic earns C$18 – C$36 per hour, Production Operator earns C$15 – C$41 per hour, Warehouse Worker earns C$12 – C$22 per hour, Assembler earns C$13 – C$25 per hour, Warehouse Associate earns C$12 – C$21 per hour, Production Worker earns C$12 – C$23 per hour, Forklift Operator earns C$14 – C$24 per hour, Warehouse Supervisor earns C$14 – C$26 per hour, Cabinet Maker earns C$15 – C$28 per hour and Machinist earns C$16 – C$34 per hour.

Furthermore, this is the detailed information for factory working jobs in Canada. With this information, you will be able to find the best suitable factory working job for yourself in Canada. In all, with the above information you will get to know all about factory working jobs in Canada requirements, responsibilities, other important details related to factory working jobs in Canada. 

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