Part Time Jobs

Part-Time Jobs

One of the great things about studying in Canada or being an international student in Canada is getting a part-time jobs, Working part-time in Canada, helps a candidate/student ease the cost of living and studying (for students and international students). On the other hand, employees in Canada are always looking for talented and hardworking employees, whether it comes to work in Toronto or Ontario or any other small town. Working part-time in Canada can give various benefits. An employee working part-time can develop new skills, opportunity to meet new people, make new connections and also can make an amount for his/her basic living.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs:

Financial Independence:

By working part-time, a student gets to understand how to maintain his/her living in Canada or any other foreign country. A person can also save money.


By working part-time in Canada, a person gets to understand his/her management of finances. For international students, management of living expenses and understanding the expenses for education overseas can be understood.

Develop Skills:

Working part-time in Canada, a person/student learns various skills helpful in personal and professional life. A person can learn skills such as time management, work-study balance, teamwork, building confidence and more.

Work Experience and Exposure:

Part-time jobs for international students in Canada can improve their career experience. It will add extra value to his/her CV and help him/her with his study and further job opportunities in Canada.

Financial Support For International Students:

For international students or others, living is expensive in Canada. Working part-time in Canada can add a source to a student/person’s living and studying in Canada.


The highest-paying-time jobs in Canada are listed below. For part-time, a person can work in two types of categories: on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs.

On-campus Jobs:

On-campus jobs mean being able to work at all the campuses at all the buildings of the school/college campus. In the case of more than one campus, the student can only work on the campus where he/she is studying. While working on-campus a person can work at a library, hospital, canteen, administration jobs and more.
  • Library jobs (Minimum Salary: $35 per hour)
  • Administrative jobs (Minimum Salary: $16.67 per hour)
  • Cafeteria/Canteen jobs (Minimum Salary: $16.00-$18.50 per hour)
  • Bookstore jobs (Minimum Salary: $21.11 per hour)
  • Campus Guide jobs (Minimum Salary: $14.60 per hour)
  • Tech Support Department (Minimum Salary: $23.66 per hour)
  • Teaching Assistant jobs (Minimum Salary: $20.56 per hour)

Off-campus Jobs:

Off-campus jobs are jobs received without the involvement of college/school. For off-campus jobs, a person/student has to send his/her resume directly to the employer. Students/person can follow as many fresher jobs as he/she wishes.
  • Server (Minimum Salary: $15 per hour)
  • Bartender (Minimum Salary: $11 per hour)
  • Customer Support (Minimum Salary: $17.69 per hour)
  • Dog Walker (Minimum Salary: $19.66 per hour)
  • Driver (Minimum Salary: $19.00 per hour)
  • Baby Sitter (Minimum Salary: $14.50 per hour)
  • Freelancer (Minimum Salary: $22.00 per hour)
  • Translator (Minimum Salary: $21.00 per hour)
  • Tutor (Minimum Salary: $15.00 per hour)
  • Cashier (Minimum Salary: $13.00 per hour)
  • Retail Outlets jobs (Minimum Salary: $17.84 per hour)
For students, management of the expenses and studying and cost-of-living in Canada can be a bit difficult. Working part-time can n help students solve these difficulties and be an answer to their financial problems.

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