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Jollibee started off its operations way back in 1975 as an ice cream parlour. It then started offering hot meals and a few sandwiches upon request from its customers. Once their food items and sandwiches started gaining more popularity than their ice creams, they converted the ice cream parlor into a fast-food outlet in 1978. Then Yamburger and spaghetti were introduced. After a few years, Jollibee also launched, palabok, champ hamburger, jolly twirls, jolly hotdog and peach mango pie.

Jollibee became so popular in a few more years to come that Jollibee Food Corporation now owns and operates many restaurant franchises in many countries across the globe. It first started its business in the Philippines, then it expanded to the Middle East countries and then it entered the American cities like California, Florida, New Jersey, US, Washington, Canada etc.

Now that it is open in Canada as well, it is looking for skilled professionals in various fields to help the company grow and expand in this country as well. Let us now learn more about Jollibee Jobs offered in Canada.

Employer Name: Jollibee
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 1100
Salary$2,900.00 – $5700.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Jollibee Jobs in Canada

Why do people want to work at Jollibee Jobs?

Jollibee Jobs has a fast-paced work environment that motivates its employees to analyze and learn more skills at a very time and quickly adapt to change.  Jollibee provides a happy, fun-filled, and positive work environment to its employees.

Jollibee has set challenging objectives and executes with quality and urgency. It provides weekend shifts as well. So if you are a student, you are given an opportunity to work on the weekends which makes it easier for you to pay for your school.

Jollibee encourages an environment that values feedback from the customers, acknowledges them, accepts mistakes if any, acts quickly to rectify the mistakes, and works on the areas of improvement.

Benefits Offered at Jollibee

  • Free food at your shift.
  • Weekend shifts available: Students could make use of this benefit.
  • Employees are given on job training to help them provide good service to their customers.

What are the duties and responsibilities at Jollibee jobs?

  • Preparing the food and serving the customers at the cash register.
  • Have to adhere to the systems and standards of the store.
  • Ensure cleanliness in the guest area and in the kitchen.
  • Monitoring the delivery of products, keeping track of the shelf life of the products, keeping track
    of the product temperature etc.
  • Reporting the store issues to the supervisor on duty(eg : spoiled food items if any)
  • Receiving, handling and storing of food and packaging materials.
  • Have to abide by all the rules and regulations provided in the Employee Handbook.
  • Have to adhere to company policies and maintain food safety practices.
  • Have to follow First In First Out(FIFO) stock rotation.

What Are The Job Specifications Required To Get A Job At Jollibee?

  • Should have a minimum of 2 years of high school education.
  • Should have 1 year of experience as a crew member in a similar profile.

What are the Occupational Certificates Required?

Food Safety Training offered from an ANSI approved Food Safety Training Institute. Certification in Food Safety Handling or any equivalent.

What are the Technical Skills Required?

  • Knowledge in Food Safety
  • Knowledge in Food Production
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Equipment Operation Skills
  • Knowledge in Workplace Safety
  • Effective Communication Skills

What are the physical efforts required at Jollibee jobs?

  • Employees will need to stand or walk for the majority of their time during their working hours.
  • You will be required to lift up to 50 pounds of weight at times.
  • You will need to be able to hear and speak well to carefully listen to the instructions from both customers as well as co-workers.
  • You will need to work for irregular hours sometimes in varying work shifts mainly during rush hours.
  • You will need to lift, pull, push, grasp, reach and use your hands frequently.

How Much is the salary at Jollibee Jobs/hr?

  • Crew Member Salaries are approximately about CA$15/hr.
  • Service Crew members salaries are also approximately CA$15/hr.
  • Manager salaries are approximately CA$61,858/yr..

Why do people apply for jobs through the Canadian Job Bank?

People apply for jobs through the Canadian Job bank as the website gets updated timely with the latest jobs in the labour market.

Canada Job bank has a very good continuous monitoring system that tracks the latest trends in the labour market and keeps updating itself often. Hence, job seekers get to apply for the jobs they are well suited for well in advance so that they will have ample time to prepare for the job interviews.

Latest Jollibee Jobs in Canada

Store Crew1406 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, ManitobaView & Apply
Store Crew800 Boyer Blvd, Mississauga, OntarioView & Apply
Store Crew268 Kingston Rd E, Ajax, OntarioView & Apply
Store Crew9190 Macleod Trail, Calgary, AlbertaView & Apply
Restaurant Supervisor3803 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AlbertaView & Apply
Store Crew164A-6464 Yonge St, North York, OntarioView & Apply
Store Crew833 Granville St, Vancouver, British ColumbiaView & Apply
Restaurant Supervisor833 Granville St, Vancouver, British ColumbiaView & Apply
Store Crew1406 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, ManitobaView & Apply
Store Crew1900 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, OntarioView & Apply
Store Crew100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, OntarioView & Apply
Store Crew1 Kingsway Garden Mall Northwest, Edmonton, AlbertaView & Apply
Store CrewDe Souza Immigration, 250 Yonge St #2201, Toronto, OntarioView & Apply
Store Crew2830 Quance St, Regina, SaskatchewanView & Apply
Store Crew1377 McPhillips St, Winnipeg, ManitobaView & Apply

How to apply

Interested candidates check above mentioned table, choose your position then click “View & Apply”. Read carefully and apply directy.


Q.1 Can a 16-year-old work at Jollibee Jobs?

No, Jollibee doesn’t accept minors. The minimum age to be eligible for Jollibee Jobs is 18.

Q.2 How do I get hired at Jollibee Jobs In Canada?

You can now apply for Jollibee Jobs through Canadian Job bank.


Q.1 Can a 16-year-old work at Jollibee Jobs?

No, Jollibee doesn’t accept minors. The minimum age to be eligible for Jollibee Jobs is 18.

Q.2 How do I get hired at Jollibee Jobs In Canada?

You can now apply for Jollibee Jobs through Canada Job bank.


Jollibee has been known for its lip-smacking dishes since 1975. It will necessarily be very exciting to learn about various processes in such a restaurant and contribute to the system in

place at the restaurant which has made the restaurant company grow so exceptionally over a period of time and has gained popularity all over the world! What are you waiting for? Apply now and get a job at your favourite restaurant!

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