CP Rail Jobs

Have you ever thought of being a part of a company that has a history of 135 years of connecting different parts of the continent, building businesses and building a nation? Here is a chance for you to learn more about how to start a career at such an organization. It is none other than CP Rail(Canada Pacific Railways). Let’s see why choose CP Rail Jobs.

Employer Name: Canadian Pacific Railway
Position: Various
No. of vacancies: 5,000+
Salary$3,200.00 – $6,200.00 / month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

CP Rail Jobs

cp rail jobs           cp rail jobs


Why you should try CP Rail Jobs?

The Canadian Pacific Railway was incorporated in 1881, to physically transport the Canadians from coast to coast. The Canadian Pacific Railway has played a major role in promoting the tourism and immigration of Canada. It has also helped Canada during the World Wars.

Also through the years, the Canadian Pacific Railway developed and diversified to include steamships, mining, hotels, airlines, delivery and telecommunications, oil and gas exploration etc. The CPR has transported many new and pre-owned vehicles and parts for more than 35 years till now.

Benefits Offered At CP Rail Jobs

  • Pension program
  • Scholarship Program for Employees’ Children
  • Share Purchase Program
  • Part-Time Studies Subsidies
  • Wellness Program
  • Social Clubs and Activities
  • Fitness Subsidy Program
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program
  • Charitable Donation Matching Program
  • Subsidized In-house Restaurant

Career Opportunities At CP Rail Jobs

1. Management Trainee Program:

There are 2 different management trainee programs available where candidates will get paid training for 6 months.

Leadership Management Trainee:
  • This program consists of a one-week introduction program to Canadian Pacific Railway.
  • It consists of a 10-week Manager Conductor Training course at the end of which the trainee should clear the assessment.
  • It also provides you with a 10-week manager-specific training package that requires you to visit many CP locations during the program.
Management Trainee – Engineering & Mechanical :
  • It consists of 2-3 weeks of an introduction program to Canadian Pacific, which gives an in-depth overview of the organization to the trainee.
  • It consists of 4-6 weeks of Operations training which includes manager conductor training along with field training where the trainee learns by interacting with various leaders across the network.
  • the trainees will then be placed in the Engineering or Mechanical where they develop an understanding of how the other key areas of businesses are linked.

2. Conductors:

  • They are the guardians of the trains.
  • They travel to different locations with the cargo to deliver them safely to their destined locations.
  • They are also responsible for switching cars or moving cars between yards, making or splitting up trains in yards, sidings or tracks etc.

3. Mechanical Department:

They provide technical support and diverse expertise on locomotives, car engineering issues and heavy-duty equipment. They maintain, inspect and repair equipment and infrastructure. Apprentice and experienced positions are available in this sector.

-Diesel Mechanic Apprentice:

Repairs and maintains all the components and mechanical systems on CP locomotives. Candidates who are successful in this program will be eligible for a 4-year training program which includes both classroom and workplace training.

-Diesel Mechanic:

Repairs perform scheduled maintenance on CP Locomotives, heavy equipment etc.

-Rail Car Mechanic:

Performs heavy labour in servicing and maintaining freight cars.

4. Engineering Department:

– Track Maintenance Personnel:

They have 3 positions:

  • Track Maintainer: repairs and maintains rail tracks, repairs and replaces different track components, takes care of the alignment of the tracks etc
  • Seasonal Labourer: build and maintain the tracks and their surrounding materials.
  • Work Equipment Maintainer: responsible for performing preventive and correct
    maintenance on heavy equipment.
– Signals and Communications (S&C):

This has 2 positions:

  • S&C helper: Installing S&C equipment and ground systems, making electrical rail connections etc
  • S&C Trainee: they help in cable distribution, assembly of signal equipment, testing and verifying the operation of S&C systems etc.

5. Police Service:

They focus on public safety, manage and mitigate risk exposure. They also protect personnel, assets, operations and information.

Transportation Operations and Customer Support: They manage and coordinate the careful transportation of CP customer goods.

Their positions include crew dispatchers, rail traffic controllers and transportation service representatives.


Finance Department:

Responsible for controlling the costs and properly managing the financial resources of the organisation.

Information Services:

Responsible for designing, maintaining and managing complex computer networks and their databases that power the smooth running of the railways.

Human Resources And Labour Relations:

Responsible for building a work environment that supports and motivates the employees to achieve strategic company goals on time.

Legal And Risk Management:

Responsible for handling any risks encountered in the business operations of the organization and managing any uncertainties that may have any serious effects.

Sales and Marketing:

Responsible for managing strategic improvements on all lines of business in the organization. In addition, the team is also responsible for growing franchises, selling competitive services and offering the best transportation solutions for its customers.

Some Of The Pay Scales At Cp Rail Jobs/Yr

Railroad Conductor – CA$82,084
Analyst – CA$76,329
Conductor – CA$81,739
Manager – CA$1,12,219
Train Conductor – CA$82,048
Locomotive Engineer – CA$1,19,205

Are Student/Trainee/ Apprenticeship Programs Available At Cp Rail Jobs?

Yes, there are several Trainee and Apprenticeship programs as mentioned above in the career opportunities section of CP Rail Jobs. Please go through the different programs once again and start applying to the positions or programs most suited to you.

Latest CP Rail Jobs

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Supervisor Operations IMS
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Specialist, Quality Assurance (Hybrid)
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Trainmaster - Toronto
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Specialist, Community Investment
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Analyst/ Specialist, Revenue Planning (Hybrid)
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Rail Car Mechanic Apprentice - Sutherland, SK
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Supervisor Track InspectionView & Apply
Train Conductor - Thunder Bay, ON
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Application Developer - COBOL & Java - Calgary, AB
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Machinist - Winnipeg
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Qualified Conductor - Montreal, QCView & Apply
Train Conductor - RevelstokeView & Apply
Supervisor Mechanical (Locomotive) - Moose Jaw
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Rail Car Mechanic Apprentice - Golden
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Assistant Trainmaster - Lethbridge
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Assistant Trainmaster - Medicine Hat
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Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Winnipeg
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Mechanical Support - Winnipeg
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Fuel Driver/Labourer - Thunder Bay
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Specialist Operations Accounting (Hybrid)
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How To Apply For Cp Rail Jobs

You can apply to CP Rail Jobs through the Canadian Job Bank website. Canadian Job bank provides very accurate data on the most recent jobs as it has a very good tracking system that tracks the latest labour market trends and keeps the website updated all the time.

The candidates applying for the job are also benefited from this feature so that they can apply for the jobs that suit their profile at the right times to win a better job at the right time. Foreign Nationals can also apply for CP Rail Jobs if they have all the work permits to work in Canada.


It is a matter of pride to be working in an organization that is so vast and has been working for the benefit of the Canadian people and the country for a long time. The organization has a lot of career opportunities, including trainee and apprentice programs. So start applying now for a great career ahead! All the best!

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